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High-tech meets Haute Horlogerie – Hublot King Power Carbon Unico

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Łukasz Doskocz is very good friend of mine from Warsaw, Poland. Editor and founder of [], he is extremely knowledgeable and somewhat of an authority in the Polish watch world. Please find below his first piece for this site, written in his own words of course…what a great watch to kick off with!


The marriage that is not obvious (nor liked) to most horology aficionados works perfectly in this phenomenal (forgive my enthusiasm) latest HUBLOT King Power version. Carbon fibre on the outside, manufactured “in-house” calibre in the inside – it is a piece to pleaes many refined tastes (if I do say so myself!).


Hublot King Power Carbon Unico

The All-black look with a twist…



You know the HUBLOT motto – “The Art of Fusion” – well… now you can see it substantially. The case is a huge 48mm (actually some good 60mm long and 17.5mm thick) chunk of durable, hard yet very light moulded carbon fibre “fussioned” with composite resin, titanium (DLC coated “H” shaped screws) rubber and sapphire. Looks a stunner (!), fits like a 44mm easily, and weighs close to a 28mm!


Very intricately skeletonized see-through dial...

Very intricately skeletonized see-through dial…


This carbon fibre “box” is perfect… and so is the inside. The piece is powered by HUBLOT’s very own, Nyon manufactured HUB1240 calibre, known widely as UNICO. It’s main qualities? Column-wheel, double horizontal clutch operated chronograph, 72-hours power reserve, automatic winding, fullyskeletonised date wheel, semi-skeletonised ruthenium coated bridges, removable escapement module with silicon escape wheel and anchor, small second… tons of watchmaking perfection. Ooo…and the dial is transparent (so is the back) so you can admire it all the time.


Like a perfectly crafted, designer finished high-tech engine…

Like a perfectly crafted, designer finished high-tech engine…


UNICO in it's full glory…

UNICO in it’s full glory…


So – does it work you ask? OHHH Yesss! It looks mind-boggling! I love this industrial, technical-like design. It fills and operates like a perfect micro-machine. The operation will cement the fact that this is undoubtedly smoothest chronograph you have ever tried! And, to sum up, it gives an amazing amount of fun-factor.


Carbon, rubber, titanium, sapphire, composit… fun

Carbon, rubber, titanium, sapphire, composit… fun


Wear this perfectly as a casual, every day sports timepiece. Wouldn’t fit under your tailored shirt’s cuffs, but then again they have Classic Fusion to do this… and price-wise, it can be yours for €20.300EURO (£19,600GBP) at the nearest HUBLOT boutique. The watch is available in a couple of different materials, including the king gold-carbon combo, shown before [here].


Fits like a charm...all 48mm of it!

Fits like a charm…all 48mm of it!


Łukasz wears:

  • Jeans by H&M
  • Zipper sweatshirt by NIKE for “Manchester United”

Text: Łukasz Doskocz (editor–in-chief
Photos: Jakub Filip Szymaniak


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