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GPHG 2013 – Winners and Highlights of Grand Prix Horologerie de Geneve

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Yesterday evening Team WatchAnish attended this year’s Grand Prix Horologerie de Geneve (in Geneva, as the name suggests) or more commonly known as GPHG. For the ones who don’t know the event – it is one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the world of watchmaking, and the only analogy I can think of is the Oscars when it comes to the cinema industry. You have the stage, the presenters and hosts, the judges and of course the best of this year’s watchmaking! I will not go too much into the details of the event itself, except for saying that it was very entertaining and emotional, and instead would take you straight to the picks and highlights of our team, as well as some of the most notable winners.



First award we will take a look at is most probably the one that really raised a lot of suspense – the Grande Complication. Although many were sure that the beautiful on the inside and outside A. Lange & Sohne would take the prize (and they did) I still had my doubts as some of its fellow nominees were really great watches both technically and esthetically. Let’s first congratulate the winner and take a look at the amazing ‘1815 Rattrapante Quantième Perpétuel’.

gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-a-lange-and-sohne-alangeandsohne-chronograph-prize-wingphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-a-lange-and-sohne-alangeandsohne-chronograph-prize-win-wrist gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-a-lange-and-sohne-alangeandsohne-chronograph-prize-win-gold

Another piece that in my opinion was a very big success is the Greubel Forsey ‘GMT’. For such a simple name this is one of the most complicated looking watches I’ve ever seen. 3D rotating globe for different time zones, an inclined tourbillon and such great case back definitely got my prize for the ‘Awesomeness 2013’ nomination.

gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-a-lange-and-sohne-greubel-forsey-greubelforsey-gmt-tourbillon-close gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-a-lange-and-sohne-greubel-forsey-greubelforsey-gmt-tourbillon gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-a-lange-and-sohne-greubel-forsey-greubelforsey-gmt-wristshort-wrist gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-a-lange-and-sohne-greubel-forsey-greubelforsey-gmt-back

Next, we take the Men’s Complications award, which I am one hundred percent sure was a really tough decision to make for the judges, as there were some really great watches being presented. The winner, of course, had to be made – Romain Gauthier ‘logically’ took the prize with the newest creation – Logical One. A watch that has a bicycle chain  very interesting way of utilizing constant force (a new concept for watchmakers to explore this year).

gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-a-lange-and-sohne-romain-gauthier-logical-one-dial gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-a-lange-and-sohne-romain-gauthier-logical-one-back-case

Some of the other complicated watches for this nomination included the Fonderie 47 (made out of AK-47 parts) tourbillon, the beautiful DeBethune DB28 Skybridge and another one of the Greubel Forsey’s pieces – the Double Balancier 35 that uses a differential movement to make the time more precise.

gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-fonderie-47-blog-watchblog-review-london-tourbillon gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-fonderie-47-blog-watchblog-review-london-tourbillon-dial


Now this category and nomination is the dearest one to me, as I am a big fan of modern horology and pretty much anything new and interesting the Innovation prize was very important. With brands like HYT, Girard-Perregaux, Vianney Halter or Roger Dubuis all fighting to get the prize I couldn’t decide who to support until the very last moment (it was the H2 by HYT). Nevertheless Vianney Halter, the genius behind Opus 3 and some other amazing creations took the prize with his new Deep Space tourbillon. I absolutely love that piece too, but to be honest I would rather create a separate category for it, as it’s just out of this world!

gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-tourbillon-vianney-halter-deep-space-dial-prize-win gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-tourbillon-vianney-halter-deep-space-dial gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-tourbillon-vianney-halter-deep-space gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-tourbillon-vianney-halter

HYT shouldn’t be very upset though, as during the last couple of years it has received so many wins and nominations it is close to impossible to win all :) In case some of you don’t know the H2 model is a novelty of this year and it uses green and transparent liquid to show the hours, and a separate hand for minutes.


As I said already, this nomination had many pieces that we all really liked and it was  hard to see them not win the prize; however 2 of them actually won in completely different categories! The Constant Escapement by Girard-Perregaux has received the ‘Aiguille d’Or’ golden prize, which is arguably even more prestigious than the innovation award!

gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-girard-perregaux-constant-escapement-innovation-prize gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-girard-perregaux-constant-escapement-watchreview gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-girard-perregaux-constant-escapement gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-girard-perregaux-constant

And the new watch by Ressence – the Type 3 – has received the ‘Horological Revelation’ prize (close enough to innovation). With its brand new concept for oil powered display it is really a fascinating watch. Even though not my favorite by the look it has really surprised everyone who has seen it in action!

gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-ressence-type-3-wrist gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-ressence-type-3-back gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-ressence-type-3

As for the Ladies watch nomination, we found the complication category to be super hot, the watches’s awesomeness level is not lower than in the men’s field! Starting with a beautiful DeLaneau it’s a very mysterious and majestic piece called ‘Rondo Tourbillon Constellation Grande Ourse’.

gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-ladies-jewelry-diamonds-delaneau gphg-watch-watches-watchanish-anish-horology-luxury-geneva-2013-blog-watchblog-review-london-ladies-jewelry-diamonds

And yet another magnificent tourbillon, but now by Bovet – the ‘Recital 9 Tourbillon Miss Alexandra’.


Surprisingly to some none of these two are winners, and the prize was taken by my personal favorite of the bunch – the Van Cleef & Arpels ‘Lady Arpels Ballerine Enchantée’ where the ‘wings’ are arrows that show the hours on the left and minutes on the right sides.

1310WA_DUBAI_P3-231 1310WA_DUBAI_P3-236

And as for the other categories here is a list of winners:

Ladies Watch – DeLaneau ‘Rondo Translucide’

Revival  – Tudor ‘Heritage Black Bay’

Petite Aiguille – Habring2 ‘Jumping Second Pilot’

Sports Watch – Zenith ‘El Primero Stratos Flyback Stricking 10th’

Artistic Crafts – Chanel ‘Mademoiselle Privé Camélia Brodé’

Jewelry Watch – Chopard ‘L’Heure du Diamant’

Men’s Watch  – Voutilainen ‘V-8R


Thank You to everyone who has read this article and enjoyed the write-up on the GPHG 2013, we would really like to know your opinions about the award ceremony, the watches and the after party at Java (if you partied with us). Our comment section is finally open again (there was a lag) and you can easily express your opinions! Yay! Also, side-track – you should totally subscribe to our email newsletter (I know it sounds annoying) to get the new articles and some exclusive content that will only be available to the ones subscribed! :)

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