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Golden Dreams: first iPhone made of NTPT Carbon

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It’s been quite popular over the past couple of years to buy a smartphone and customise it to turn it gold, chrome or whatever outrageous colour people have on their minds. Demand creates supply and there has been a lot of custom phone brands on the market lately. However, much like customising a watch, if done by someone not very credible or resourceful it can only ruin your product. The ‘gold’ will start to fade or scratch real bad, the carbon will crack, and even the buttons might start to fall apart. I tell you that because it happened a year ago when I got my first custom phone. That’s why I got very skeptical the second time around. Luckily, same way I found out about ‘Titan Black’ for watch customisation I was also introduced to a brand called ‘Golden Dreams’.

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Located in the heart of Geneva (in Kempinski hotel), it was apparently the very first firm to popularise custom iPhones. It’s not all talk though, my team and I headed to their factory just outside of Geneva, where we saw the magic happen, from designing and to the actual production of the more common pieces, to piece uniques, created with genuine crocodile leather and painted on by a skilled artists.

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That was back in July. Now, in September, Golden Dreams just unveiled a completely new concept. Not just for the brand, but for the whole industry in general. They’ve created an iPhone made entirely of NTPT carbon. Yes, that same carbon you’ll see at Richard Mille. It’s not just badass, but it’s also the most well protected iPhone you’ll ever find without casing. It just does not crack. Unless it falls on the screen. Then I’m screwed just like the rest of you guys.

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We flew the pieces to London for a photoshoot, and the guys from Golden Dreams brought a lot more than phones. To showcase their full range and craftsmanship they’ve also brought along the hand made full croc bags, bracelets… Even an Apple watch made of gold and a portable speaker.

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As for the NTPT iPhone, that would go perfectly well with the RM pieces, the price is going to be somewhere around $10’000, and you can already pre-order at right now, as well as discover the full range of products.

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