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Dubai Update Pt.3 – The End

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I’ve already told you almost the entire story of our little vacation in Dubai, and this part is going to be the last ‘live update’. We pick up from where we left off last time – after yet another long and productive day of shooting we woke up early to meet at the Armani Hotel, where our friends from previous shoots have arrived to pick us up on their beastly cars (Nissan GTR, SLR McLaren 722 and an Aventador) to drive us to an even more awesome machine!

IMG_1842 photo 1-2 photo 2-2 IMG_1846photo 3-2

We drove for about 20 minutes and arrived somewhere next to a construction site and a parking of a local commercial center. To answer your question ‘why?’ here is the answer –, owner of a 300 car collection has decided to show us his super exclusive Batmobile! Remember the good old days when Batman didn’t have nipples? Yep, that first original Michael Keaton version. The movie had 6 Batmobiles as part of the cast. 2 of the originals were kept by the team and 4 were sold. Our friend Rashed bought one of them and it’s still perfectly functioning!


Out car photographer @Markovsky was with us to shoot the car, but the big problem that we had faced was that the awesomeness of the car has immediately attracted all the boys, construction workers and pretty much any tourist or local passing nearby. In order to maintain the peace we had to make turns for the picture making while trying to get good shots ourselves. Rashed came up with a solution and after pressing one of the red buttons two machine guns appeared from the front of the car! The crowd was not so keen on posing in the end :)

photo 4-3

At the end of the day we also got some exclusive shots at the Al Ameer Motors, where our good friend Adel (@d_244) has introduced us to one of the 77 Aston Martin One-77s made, and even though the electricity went out we managed to shoot the car until late night! We then met up with Adel and the gang again for a nice dinner next to the famous Dubai fountains.

9256484s-960 IMG_1848

IMG_1873Next day for me was the last one, and to kickstart it before my flight to Moscow we went to one of the coolest boxing gyms of Dubai (@round10boxing) and brought a lot of wrist candy from Richard Mille as well as some expensive and awesome Versace bling! Anish has defended his titles of ‘Style Guru’ and ‘Least Effective Boxer 2013’ by creating outfits for our mean boxer models and getting his face smashed by one of them :)

IMG_1895 IMG_1910 photo 5 photo-4

As the trip was over for me it still continued for our car photographers in Dubai and Anish in Doha, Qatar, where he went for a day and brought back some nice memories and really cool wristshots! Now these are definitely some kickass reasons to visit Qatar next time…

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As Anish got back to Dubai and reunited with the team and our friends, the Christie’s auction of Important Watches was about to take place (we wrote more about it before), where he witnessed the AP Royal Oak ‘New Old Stock’ condition with original dial signed Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum go under the hammer for almost triple the estimated value!

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The auction was over and soon everyone had to return back to London and Moscow, but we all remember this trip as being awesome and now that all the better photos are being edited you can wait for more high quality shoots and articles here! Believe me, we didn’t show you all there is :) I really want to thank everybody who came with us onto this adventurous journey as well as all our old and new friends over in Dubai who helped us so much with organizing everything! Let’s do this again! :)

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