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Dubai Adventures – The Cigar Lounge x Watches (Pt. 10)

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So as you might have realised by now our trip to Dubai was super exciting and we managed to create so much content in just one week that we are still posting it many weeks after our visit. This time we’re taking a tour at the Dubai’s ‘The Cigar Lounge’ located on the 13th floor of ‘The Address’ hotel in heart of Downtown Dubai. Invited by our friend Eissa (@eissajanahi) we were going there from an event at the Dubai Mall.

2013-12-16_0017 2013-12-16_0001

As I’ve mentioned in the previous Dubai diaries one of our friends and followers Looch (@lo0ch) came all the way from his hometown Manila, and brought one of his amazing pieces along (Urwerk UR103 with a custom strap).

2013-12-16_0011 2013-12-16_0016

Now before we get into the other watches let’s take a minute to appreciate the view from the cigar lounge. I never actually expected it to be that good, especially with the place only being on the 13th floor! I was clearly in the wrong as throughout the visit the only better view of the downtown I got was from the top of Burj Khalifa (article coming soon). In this case our Hublot Dubai Visions was clearly in the right place, looking over the city (and just in case you’re wondering – no, we did not photoshop it into the photo).

2013-12-16_0014 2013-12-16_0020 2013-12-16_0015 2013-12-16_0018 2013-12-16_0009

As for the inside of the lounge everything seemed right about it – starting from the ambiance and music and to the actual selection of cigars (over 30 different brands!) and cocktails. While Eissa was smoking with his ‘carbonated’ AP ROO on the wrist, Anish was ordering some drinks along with our friend and super charismatic Arabic speaking Korean comedian and Jaeger-LeCoultre ambassador Wonho Chung (@wonhochung), and I was doing what I do best – eating :)

2013-12-16_0003 2013-12-16_0007 2013-12-16_0006 2013-12-16_0013

With our friends from Moscow Alan (@alan_enileev) and Alex (@markovsky) we also discovered some secret talents. While Alan was apparently the world champion in that pretty famous game ‘Need For Speed’ not so long ago, Alex is ranked among the top European yo-yo players (what?!). Yep, apparently yo-yo is a big thing (video coming soon).

2013-12-16_0002 2013-12-16_0008 2013-12-16_0010 2013-12-16_0012 2013-12-16_0019

So this was our evening in the Cigar Lounge in Dubai; more short stories about our trip to come. Hope you enjoyed it and I’d like to know what you think about our Dubai posts – if you want them longer and more detailed or more like this – photos oriented :) Have a good rest of the day and don’t forget to join our WatchAnish Club, some exclusive content coming there very soon!

Watched featured: Slyde Sport Red, LindeWerdelin Spidospeed Gold, Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon, Hublot Classic Fusion Dubai Visions, Manufacture Royale Androgyne Tourbillon, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Carbon, Urwerk UR103, FP Journe Tourbillon Souverain.


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