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Dubai Adventures – Rolls Royce x Hublot (Pt. 7)

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This post is not going to be as long as the others from our Dubai adventures simply because the photos will speak for themselves :) This time we will be showing you yet another one of our friend Abdul cars (@alyaquob88) – you might remember him by that sick Lambo shoot we did a bit earlier with our new TeamWatchAnish bro Alex Markovsky (@markovsky).


Abdul decided to show us more class this time as he rolled out on his new Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe with a pretty badass number plate (worth well over a million bucks) just next to one of the most famous landmarks of Dubai – Burj al Arab, otherwise known by Russians as the ‘sail’. As everybody recognized Anish (not really) we could easily park the Rolls Royce right in the middle of the bridge connecting the hotel with the rest of the city.

2013-11-23_0041 2013-11-23_0042 2013-11-23_0046 2013-11-23_0043 2013-11-23_00452013-11-23_0048

As we were taking the shots another Rolls (drophead coupe) passed by in a chrome wrapping to say hi :)


The watch we decided to shoot with this classy car was the Hublot Dubai Visions from the Classic Fusion collection, which is a limited edition of 100 only sold at the ‘Seddiqi ¬†and Sons’ boutique in UAE. Great fit for the car and the hotel behind it too!

2013-11-23_0050 2013-11-23_0051 2013-11-23_0052 2013-11-23_0053

With this I’m going to leave you until the next post and I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos! And thanks to our big bro Alan (@alan_enileev) for modeling that hell of a watch for us! :) Leave your feedback on the car and watch in the comments and join our WatchAnish club now to get more exclusive content later!

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