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Dubai Adventures – MB&F Urwerk and DeBethune x Lamborghini (Pt.3)

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For 2 consecutive days we posted the material from our Dubai trip. First it was a shoot of our friend Adel’s Lamborghini with a couple of tourbillons (link here) then it was his insane collection of watches (click here). This time we decided to come back to the awesome mix of cars and watches! On the day of the shoot we were visiting the famous Burj Khalifa (but more about it in one of the next posts) and after that came down to the Armani hotel lobby find ourselves in front of a couple of beautiful Lamborghinis. As you might understand I personally am a huge fan of Lambos and with our friend @Alyaquob88 being the owner of a couple of Red and Yellow beasts we definitely could not skip the chance to take them out to a local desert and shoot them with the sunset background!


As usual our new Russian #TeamWatchAnish member Alex Markovsky (@Markovsky) who we flew in from Moscow came up with some awesome shots of the cars and we really got to see the beauty of them! A little bit about the cars now: the Red one – the legendary Murcielago, from about 10 years ago is still a beast of a car that roars and looks awesome. The car was clearly built to last and amaze the future generations with a flawless design and just overall beastiality :)

2013-11-08_0022 2013-11-08_0009 2013-11-08_0016

And the yellow monster standing right next to Murcielago is (one could say) the child of the legend, the one that replaced it and made it even cooler! With 700 horse power and 0-100 km/h in just 2.9 freaking seconds who in the world can not like that 12V engine machine?! Every angle, sound and detail is made to be aggressive, and that is exactly what I love about sports cars, and especially the ‘bulls’. But I will let the pictures speak for themselves :)

2013-11-08_0010 2013-11-08_0023 2013-11-08_0014 2013-11-08_0019 2013-11-08_0004

Now that all the car fans got enough of eye-candy let’s get to the watches! First of all I’d like to thank the ‘Seddiqi’ retailer at the Dubai Mall (@Seddiqi_UAE) for driving to the desert with us with almost a million dollars worth of wristcandy and being patient with us :) The first of the watches they provided us with was my special request – the legendary MB&F (@mb&f) Horology Machine #1, first of the brand’s creations and definitely a sexy beast of a watch. Featuring hours, minutes and power reserve in separate dials it is also the only timepiece from Max Busser and Friends that has a tourbillon (right in the heart of the watch). We got to play around with my favorite, 18K Red Gold version and it was a great feeling to wear a legendary watch sitting in a legendary car!

2013-11-08_0002 2013-11-08_0008 2013-11-08_0007

Next watch, also from MB&F was a more popular machine – the HM4, twin turbine jet-engine looking timepiece with the movement visible from the top. Many love this watch, some don’t understand why it is pricy (around $220’000) but my thoughts about it remain same from the moment I saw it – BADASS. It might not be a first watch in my collection, but it definitely will end up there at one point, especially if I’m riding around in an Aventador with number plates that are worth well over a million dollars πŸ˜‰

2013-11-08_0011 2013-11-08_0021 2013-11-08_0006

Second brand I asked for was Urwerk, and one of my personal favorites from the brand – the UR110 made of red gold. With the complex movement that it’s displaying on the dial it was only right to combine it with the interior of the Aventador, creating a spacecraft look!

2013-11-08_0012 2013-11-08_0005

And finally a watch, that I am a big fan of since quite a while ago already – the DeBethune DB28 special version, completely blacked out and just plain awesome. I hope all of the traditional watch fans don’t kill me for not featuring a Patek or an AP here, but if you want something classy I suggest you check out our previous post about one of our friend’s collections. Now back to DB28 – the watch that features a 3D moon phase at 6 o’clock and super-comfortable lugs that adjust to your wrist; the Black Matte has a power reserve of (!) 144 hours.

2013-11-08_0003 2013-11-08_0001

The day was rapidly turning into the evening and our team made up of Alan the super insane blogger from Moscow (@Alan_Enileev), @Markovsky and myself was getting ready for the next shoot (but more about it later), and before we went we wanted to see the flame-throwing Aventador perform it’s stunt when there was no light, so enjoy this absolutely real photo of the exhaust!

2013-11-08_0018 2013-11-08_0017 2013-11-08_0015

Also if you want to see some backstage check out this video we made, and don’t forget to like the post on Facebook, share it and subscribe to our newsletter to see the posts first!

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