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Dubai Adventures – Buggy Madness with Slyde, LW & RJ (Pt.4)

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Continuing the report on our adventures in Dubai we’re transporting you into the world of sand and dunes, as we go to have some awesome buggy riding lessons from our friends Eissa ( and Hash ( Before I start the article check out the crazy video made by our super cool friend Alex Markovsky (!

So the day started with the #TeamWatchAnish being driven by Eissa to the middle of the local desert, for a little pit stop. We all chilled for a little and then began exploring the buggies. Some of them had over 1000 horse powers, and it was completely crazy to see such little monsters being priced even higher than some of the most luxurious cars, with some of them worth over $300’000. One of the most impressive vehicles was the golden buggy worth over a million dirhams!

2013-11-10_0001 2013-11-10_0002

We finally sat inside the beasts and began the ride. We weren’t just driving for no reason by the way, and we ended up parking next to a local ‘racing’ season opening, with drag races onto mountains and then crazy 2-wheel descents, that we later on got to try! Apparently it’s a very normal thing there, and this sport is also a way of life and leisure for many of the locals.


Of course we also brought some very nice watches with us, such as the new Slyde Sport Red, that was perfectly fitting the environment :) Slyde is a luxury digital watch brand, that we’ve already talked about a little, and even though I am not a big fan of digital and quartz watches this brand and model is really driving me crazy, starting from the strap and finishing with the design of the movements that you can choose from.

2013-11-10_0007 2013-11-10_0006

Apart from Slyde we also took the Linde Werdelin Spidospeed gold and Romain Jerome Steampunk Chronograph orange, that we’ve talked about already. All of the three pieces go perfectly well with the desert and sand, as well as the concept of speed.

2013-11-10_0005 2013-11-10_0004 2013-11-10_0008

So this happens to be a pretty short article, as we’re now all out of time preparing for the upcoming today’s Christie’s auction. Thank you everybody for reading it, please like and subscribe to our newsletter to get the articles first!



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