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Dubai Adventures – Adel’s Crazy Watch Collection (Pt.2)

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So yesterday we kickstarted our Dubai trip sequence of articles (not taking into account my crappy phone updates) with a photoshoot of a Lamborghini Murcielago SV and some really nice watches; and with the car and some of the timepieces belonging to one man it’s only right to continue with the post telling you more about his watch collection! Adel (or as you might know him on instagram – @d_244) is already a big friend of #TeamWatchAnish and if you still haven’t seen his channel and collection I should warn you before-hand – the amount of awesomeness there is highly dangerous and even deadly. As we met in Dubai, the city where Adel is from we sat down with him to talk watches, watches, and a bit more watches (we are after all ‘Watch’ Anish) :)


As soon as we saw Adel walking towards us at the Dubai Mall with a very long and thick.. travel pack for watches we couldn’t wait to see what he had prepared for us. So when we finally all sat down and Anish unpacked the watches we were all genuinely impressed. There are many collectors today who enjoy buying  lots of different (same to me) versions of Patek Philippe and Rolex, and while I love those brands I still think that a collection should be something of a personal thing, and it should consist of not only traditional pieces if you genuinely like other brands and models (that might lose value on the market but definitely would make you feel better by simply having them); and that is one of the reasons I love Adel’s collection! Now let’s start getting more into the pieces he brought along!


I know that Adel doesn’t have a favorite watch, he told me that fact many times – they are all his ‘babies’, but if I had to choose a piece he is (probably) more attached to it would be the A. Lange & Sohne tourbillon. It is a real classic, from the most traditional of the brand’s collections – Richard Lange, and it is one of the not so many tourbillons that actually increase the time accuracy by a lot. Adel, as a loyal ambassador of the brand has had his favorite number that also happens to be part of his instagram name (244) engraved in the actual movement of the watch! Long story short – it is his real lucky number (otherwise he probably wouldn’t have all of his cars carrying it on the license plates!)

IMG_2193 1310WA_DUBAI_P1-701310WA_DUBAI_P1-68

Moving the next watch in line – something completely different, actually the opposite of what the traditional Lange piece is – the full diamond Harry Winston Opus 3. Yep, you heard me right, and if you don’t believe me you better believe your eyes when you see the photos :) This version of Opus (displaying hours in the top left and right, minutes in bottom left and right, and date in the middle sub dials) is especially known for taking way too long to produce due to its complexity – so when it finally hit the market many collectors really wanted to get a piece of that pie, but Adel went for an even more exclusive version which is the diamond-case piece, limited to only 5 models. Not my personal favorite, but definitely not something you see every day!

IMG_2196 1310WA_DUBAI_P1-137 1310WA_DUBAI_P1-105

Now I don’t usually talk about Pateks (because I’m not a big connoisseur of the brand) but when I do – I talk about the 5180 completely skeletonized white gold super flat micro-rotor Patek! Let’s just say the only other piece I’ve seen was in the main boutique on the ‘museum’ floor. It really is an awesome movement, that took many days and hours to create, and now takes only seconds to amaze.

1310WA_DUBAI_P1-85 1310WA_DUBAI_P1-79

Oh yes, and let’s not forget about Adel’s most recent acquisition – the Patek Philippe 5077, or more known as the Falcon Hunting – a piece that has no complications at all, yet has everyone’s attention as soon as the name is mentioned! The enamel dial, displaying one of the biggest and most popular leisure and cultural activities – hunting with a falcon is really appealing, and not just to the collectors from Dubai but all around the world. With only 10 of them made there really is a hunt after the rare pieces – and our friend proves to be worthy of one :)



Another one of Adel’s Pateks

And if you read yesterday’s article you definitely saw his Hysek tourbillon, so you can probably figure out Adel’s obsession with high complication pieces! We will not repeat ourselves showing you the same watch again (when his collection counts more than 20 already) but instead I’d like to show you another really complicated piece from one of my personal favorite brands (go team JLC!) Jaeger LeCoultre, and our man’s Antoine LeCoultre Master Minute Repeater. This version, made of titanium has a very nice sound and you can see the movement in action as well due to the open dial!

IMG_2231 1310WA_DUBAI_P1-39 1310WA_DUBAI_P1-56 1310WA_DUBAI_P1-94

Our meeting was going well, and we were pretty much out of watches (by the way, that Hublot Dubai Visions that Anish has on his wrist is also comfortably sitting in Adel’s super secret vault at home) and I was starting to get worried as I knew that Adel has one piece that makes me cry like a little girl on a Justin Bieber’s concert, but it wasn’t there. Then I started looking at Adel’s wrist more closely knowing the the watch wouldn’t show itself that easily (Adel wears them upside down, or as we now call it – the right way) and I had to change my point of view to see whether it was “THE ONE” or not. Adel knew my weak spot, so he saved it for last and oh boy, when I saw that JLC Gyrotourbillon my heartbeat started escalating, and I could even feel it say ‘Take me, but GIVE the watch!’…

IMG_2219 IMG_2218 IMG_2212 1310WA_DUBAI_P1-176 1310WA_DUBAI_P1-156

This might sound a little crazy (unless you are as in love with the Gyro as I am) but there is something about that watch, that just makes me want to forget every other one. That is probably not such a good thing to say, as I love other watches, yet it is the truth. So when Adel allowed me to wear it for the entire day my level of happiness and joy went well over 9000 :) I mean really, just look at the movement. There’s absolutely nothing wrong about this watch!

1310WA_DUBAI_P1-182 1310WA_DUBAI_P1-153 1310WA_DUBAI_P1-170 IMG_2226 IMG_2222

Now that I re-read the last part of the article I realize how weird it may seem for some who have either never seen the Gyrotourbillon or don’t share my view on it to read this post, yet please accept my obsession and don’t mind it anymore :) As we are getting towards the end of this story I would really like to thank our friend @D_244 for all the support throughout the trip and letting us play around with his million dollar beauties :)


See you tomorrow guys, make sure to tune in for a new article on our Dubai travels with some really awesome photos! Also if you want to receive the articles first submit your email address and subscribe to our blog! YAY for privacy violation!

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