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The Driving Dead: Black Matte Bentley Continental Photoshoot (by Markovsky)

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To distract you guys from all those SIHH 2015 novelties I thought I’d show you some great pics from a photoshoot our photographer-bro Alex (@Markovsky) did recently near Geneva with one of our good friend Zikko’s (@Invisible) cars. That is this full black matte Bentley Continental…

07-Bentley_Black_Matte_Geneva (9 of 14) copy

It’s not every day that you get to see a black matte car in Geneva, and definitely not fully blacked out, even the back lights are all wrapped! 😀

04-Bentley_Black_Matte_Geneva (6 of 14) copy

09-Bentley_Black_Matte_Geneva (11 of 14) copy

08-Bentley_Black_Matte_Geneva (10 of 14) copy

10-Bentley_Black_Matte_Geneva (12 of 14) copy

I’ve got no idea where Alex had to drive to find a location like that in Geneva but it portrays perfectly the way I feel on a regular Sunday walking around this dead city with nothing and no one moving except for some empty trams and buses…

02-Bentley_Black_Matte_Geneva (4 of 14) copy

06-Bentley_Black_Matte_Geneva (8 of 14) copy

05-Bentley_Black_Matte_Geneva (7 of 14) copy

01-Bentley_Black_Matte_Geneva (3 of 14) copy

So that’s it for today, if you guys want to see more car photos go here and check out other photoshoots by Markovsky with some of the sickest cars from all around the world!

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