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The Dream Machine – Amazing Watch Winder Inspired by MB&F

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Actually amazing doesn’t do it justice. It’s unique, awesome and beautiful, and it’s not just a watch winder! But.. for the moment let’s rewind it a little bit :) It all started 2 years back, when our friend Allen (, a big watch enthusiast who like us has a huge thing for innovative modern watchmaking, has acquired his Horological Machine 3 by MB&F (among other awesome pieces)…

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He loved the watch, and was inspired by it so much, that when the decision to choose a winder for his timepiece had to be made none of them out there had what he was looking for. So in order to make his dream of the perfect winder come true he had to create the project and the machine himself, and it began with a drawing.


Of course putting your dream on paper is one thing and many of us can do it, but actually taking the time and making it your work to bring the idea to life takes a lot of dedication. And so do all the little details that have to be thought of; Allen created the Dream Machine all out of Aluminum, contrary to plastic, which would have been lighter and cheaper to make, but wouldn’t have the same metallic feel and quality. And now, that it is finally made, we can all stare at that mechanical winder-wonder.

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To explain how it works (as it’s not your average winder) Allen has collaborated with a friend of his and together they came up with an awesome video showing what the machine does. So before I say anything else check it out:


As you saw on the video it is in fact more than just a winder, to me it’s a piece of mechanical art, inspired by an equally great mechanical timepiece. The entire thing measures 100 cm (1 meter) in length, 60 cm in height and 35 in width, and that really puts the MEGA into Megawind :) The machine has 2 switches (that you also could see in the clip), one of them is for the smaller watch winder and another is for the whole rotating 3D sphere madness going on around the watch. The entire look of this Dream is inspired by the deadly rotor of Horology Machines from MB&F, and I think if there were more of these beauties they would definitely deserve a place at the M.A.D. Gallery (just sayin’…).

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Allen has already showcased his new ‘baby’ at the Independent Watch & Art Salon in Taiwan alongside with MB&F, HYT, Cristophe Claret and other celebrated watchmakers of this century! It definitely deserved to be there and we hope that Allen keeps pursuing his dreams further and as soon as he comes up with another crazy machine we will definitely let you guys know! :) So make sure that you are following him on Facebook – and instagram @iallen88 so that you too can share his passion of watches and alien-looking creations!


Now we’d love to know what you think about the Dream Machine, and if you have a crazy idea of your own tell us about it, we’re definitely interested in hearing them all!

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