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Doettling – Artisan storage watch safes (with video!)

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I’ve heard many times that a family business lasts 3-4 generations, and either 3rd or 4th usually kills it. Doettling is not just a brand name (though it sounds pretty cool), it is a family name, which in 1919 Ernst Doettling decided to use for his new locksmith shop. Throughout the years the entire business grew but never quit the family. So 4 generations later in 1997 Markus Doettling entered his father’s business, and today the Doettling we all know and want is still maintained and developed mainly by him. Why am I saying this? Well, sometimes (and especially in the world of watchmaking and collecting) people like me get more attached to the products when they know there is a story behind them, and it’s not just a corporation with no face.

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Having said that let’s talk about the products :) As I’ve mentioned already, Doettling is a company established a long time ago, so it only makes sense for the brand today to pay homage to its roots and still have a collection of ‘antique’ safes. Each of them is called a ‘Legend’ because they are all unique in their kind; Doettling took ancient security cabinets, tables, and other important works of art dating as far as 17th century and restored them, as well as turning them all into watch safes (though they posses more importance than just winders, belonging to the last Medici family in Milan or one of the key politicians of the Napoleon era).

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Of course, antique safes is not the only kind that Doettling offers today, and their modern collection is quite impressive too. Although I myself only dream of having huge ‘wardrobes’ of watches, with each winding 20-30 models, I think for many serious collectors it is a very convenient (as well as really cool looking) accessory.

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And for Jaeger LeCoulre fans such as myself Doettling also has a very special product. Though I doubt that you will be able to buy it without getting the 2.5 million dollar set of the three most complicated JLC watches (known as the Hybris Mechanica set), which this safe is a part of :)


However if we are discussing products that are more attainable by non-billionaires, I would rather go for something more mobile and portable, such as Doettling’s ‘Guardian’, my personal favourite of their safes. No, it doesn’t wind your watches but it sure protects them when you are traveling, as the ‘leather looking’ box is actually made of very strong metals and includes polycarbonate, which makes it pretty impossible to drill or saw through it (unless you’re that guy from the Ocean’s 11). It is also equipped with a GPS tracker in case you lose the case :) The inside of this safe, just as other Doettling products, is fully customisable, so if you want a purple interior you get it.

2013-11-28_0006 Doettling_Gyrowinder_Guardian_safe_0018 Doettling_Gyrowinder_Guardian_safe_0027 Photography by Adam Priscak for Watchanish


Speaking of the smaller works of Doettling, check out the mega-awesome Gyrowinder! Too bad that WordPress doesn’t like emoticons because right now I really want to load this post with them! The Gyrowinder is very complex mechanically, and while a usual watch winder will just rotate the timepiece around itself, this beast does it in every axis possible. But that’s not even why I am fascinated by it. It’s the final design that drives me crazy! As well as other pieces, it is customisable, and apart from the factory I’ve seen one live at the M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva. It just looks mesmerising…

2013-11-28_0015 Doettling_Gyrowinder_Guardian_safe_0000 Photography by Adam Priscak for Watchanish 2013-11-28_0019 2013-11-28_0014

Here is our short video to demonstrate it in action!!


WatchAnish x Doettling Gyrowinder from Watch Anish on Vimeo.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this article, as well as the awesome safes/winders we decided to share with you! Don’t forget to join our WatchAnish Club now, to get access to some exclusive content later! And have a nice day everyone!

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