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DesignGeo – When A Talented Graphic Designer Gets Crazy About Watches

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While browsing instagram we get a lot of various submissions and tags by our followers and friends. It’s really not an easy job to go through and sort out hundreds and sometimes thousands of photos, but in the end it always pays off as we find some crazy watch pictures submitted by our readers. However what is even more rare and rewarding is to stumble upon a great talent or an artist who appreciates watchmaking and uses his appreciation to create something really special and unique. This is exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago when we had discovered a very interesting profile on instagram called @DesignGeo. There were only a couple of posts put up and only a handful of followers. One of the posts was what seemed like a very unusual computer generated design of a watch. After a couple of days, some more posts and a quick chat with the artist we found out that all of these drawings and designs are his own works, which made it even more interesting for us to discover his style further and do a write-up on the project.


The artist behind DesignGeo is a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His real name is Santiago and he is getting his university degree in marketing now. Watches, sports and travel are his interests, graphic designing is his hobby, and apparently these things go perfect together :) A while ago Santiago started studying graphic design, exploring different software and pushing himself to get better at what he found interesting.

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The reason for choosing watches as one of his main subjects is mainly because just like all of us watch geeks he is a fan of horology. And apart from this fact, designing settings with luxury goods in them perfectly describes the way Santiago sees today’s world based around consumption and desire to reach and get the best. And his followers are also able to advise or ask him for a certain product, place or thing they envisioned as one of his projects.

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Now the real question here is – how does he do it?! We asked the artist himself to answer this one for you and here’s what he said:  “First I do a sketch on paper. And then, once I have it displayed, I sit in my chair at the computer to design, because if there is no clear picture to design it takes more time and its more complicated. So its always better to think about it and draw it before. I made all my designs with Adobe Illustrator. For other projects or work I also use photoshop, but all my instagram account designs are made 100% with Adobe Illustrator“… And now you know :)

panerai audemars richardmille

As for the future of the DesignGeo project Santiago thinks it still needs a lot of development and there are many places he can take it from here. Of course there are possibilities of having fun with it and designing a watch of his own, or getting real serious and collaborating on it with a brand, as well as expanding the range of products, themes and styles and take it to a whole new level. But the message and the purpose behind the project stays same – to show that with work and passion achieving anything is possible.

ulyssenardin patek

Finally we asked DesignGeo to pick his one favourite watch design-wise out of all and even though this was a tough one for him (like for many of us) he chose Hublot Aero Bang Black Magic because of the elegant yet modern and simple look that it has.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these designs as much as we did and if you want to see more of them (and not just watches) check out DesignGeo instagram page at !

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