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Delano Brown x Richard Mille – Artistic Horology

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Have you heard of artrepreneurs? Well, if you haven’t that’s a word you’ve got to learn now! Delano Brown (inventor of that terminology) is a badass artist, and what makes him different (aside from the creative painting style) is his choice of canvas. Starting from shoes to car exteriors, and a girl’s dresses, anything can become the subject of his art. Many have seen his live display of painting a woman’s dress as she was wearing it, and this time we sat down with him to shoot some equally artsy watches by Richard Mille, all at the awesome nightclub Mahiki on Dover street.

2013-12-20_0004 2013-12-20_0010
As a big fan of art, from renaissance to contemporary, I could not ignore Delano’s (Instagram: @YeahLano) style. In today’s world, when brands are so focused on patterns and print I think his creative chaos is just the right thing we need. Of course, some of his ‘wearable art’ projects will look similar, but what’s perfect about them is the imperfection and the fact that every hand painted piece of clothing or any other item that Delano chooses as his canvas will be in a way different.

2013-12-20_0025 2013-12-20_0026 2013-12-20_0024 2013-12-20_0023 2013-12-20_0022


Now, that you’re hopefully more familiar with Delano’s works (seriously, google him) let’s take a closer look at the watches. First of the bunch the Richard Mille RM003. The model we have here is the all-gray one. What’s special about it is the carbon baseplate. Because of the composite carbon mix the dial is more durable and rigid; and just like the artist’s brush strokes the carbon here does not have the same pattern on every watch. The power reserve indicator (of 70 hours) is located at the left of 12 o’clock, while on the right is yet another interesting innovation called the ‘torque indicator’. It tells you the tension of the mainspring (slack below 53 and tense above 65 dNmm) – that is if you want to know how your spring is doing. Apart from that there’s also a second timezone (indicated by the wheel in the middle) and an indicator of the watch mode (neutral, winding, hands).

2013-12-20_0021 2013-12-20_0002 2013-12-20_0015


Next up, we have a piece unique (for Marcus Watches) of the RM032. That diver’s model has an abnormally large casing 50mm x 17.80mm (which is good for divers, and bigger guys than the skinny-me), and it’s a flyback chronograph, as well as (what many people tend to miss) an annual calendar. Yep, it’s a diver’s watch with a date and month indication :) Apart from that it also has a very interesting for divers indicator at 3 o’clock, that will tell you weather the watch is… working. Because let’s face it, if you’re in the ocean and aren’t aware that your watch isn’t running you’re pretty much screwed.

2013-12-20_0029 2013-12-20_0001


And another piece made for Marcus Watches is a limited edition of the RM016, the super flat (8.2mm) square-ish watch, that doesn’t have much to its functionality (unlike the previous beast) but really has that elegant look that would appeal to both men and women. Also, gotta love that Marcus colour scheme (and Delano’s brush right next to it).

2013-12-20_0005 2013-12-20_0007 2013-12-20_0008 2013-12-20_0031 2013-12-20_0034


Finally, one for the ladies, the RM023 all iced out covered in diamonds. Really not much to say about it, except that its a nice 55 hour automatic (which is less usual for the ladies watches) piece. So fellow gents, if you happen to have an RM003 take a break from spending money on yourself and buy your lady this watch. Even if she doesn’t get your obsession she’d gladly wear it and (just maybe) would stop complaining and calling you crazy for a while :)

2013-12-20_0030 2013-12-20_0036 2013-12-20_0037

A bit more about the place we were shooting at – Mahiki is a pretty darn famous nightclub with lots of celebrity clients and a very enjoyable and chill atmosphere, that really brought up some creativity to the shoot. Here are a couple more pictures from there to share the nice ambiance with you guys. 2013-12-20_0039 WA1309-6_Yeahlano-109

Now, I hope you’ve enjoyed the article as well as the watches and Mr. Brown’s art. Have a good day everyone and don’t forget to join our WatchAnish club!


Photos for us by the super awesome James Cole!

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