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DeBethune Novelties 2014 Hands On – Dream Watch 5 x DB28 Digitale

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As we are closing in on Baselworld (one of the 2 Swiss major watch expositions) we really cannot wait much more to see all of the upcoming novelties. Some of the brands, just like DeBethune have graced us and decided to reveal some of the new timepieces before Basel. So we had a chance to shoot their 2 new creations back in the beginning of February and now we are able to share them with you guys :) Even though you might have seen them on our instagram feeds there are still many new photos here that reveal the watches from all the different sides. So enjoy!


Starting with my personal favourite 2014 release so far in the watch industry is the DeBethune DB28 Digitale. DB28 is already the favourite collection of many due to the overall casing shape, ‘stretching’ lugs and the awesome 3D moon phase. Most of the time DeBethune has decided to play it safe when coming up with the new DB28 designs; however this time they really went out of the usual comfort zone and did something completely different. First of all the name of the watch is a little bit misleading – so while some may think it’s a digital watch it is in fact a mechanical one. ‘Digitale’ in the name refers to the way the timepiece is displaying the hours (you can see them in a small window below 12 o’clock).

2014-02-26_0035 2014-02-26_0032 2014-02-26_0033 2014-02-26_0023

The jumping hours in this watch is an exclusive movement patented by DeBethune, and it is complemented by a retrograde minute display disk that is accompanied with a nice blue skyline. Right at the centre of the dial you can also see the famous moon phase 3D sphere, which is actually made up of 2 different colour materials (steel and palladium). What is surprising is that this little ball will accurately represent the moon phase for over a thousand years without any adjustments! And of course we could not forget the beautiful guilloche-style dial pattern that really grabs all the attention.

2014-02-26_0027 2014-02-26_0030 2014-02-26_0028 2014-02-26_0034


And now moving from the round DB28 to a timepiece that really does not look like any other watch in the world – the Dream Watch 5. You see, DeBethune has this one extremely special collection called ‘Dream Watch’ where they create some of the most extraordinary pieces in the modern watchmaking world (I would compare it to Harry Winston’s Opus, but these are completely different things, as Dream Watches are all made by DeBethune). Moving back from an integrated into an iPhone case watch to a real wristwatch DeBethune comes up with a very unusual shape; that is to the people who haven’t paid attention at the case backs of most DB watches!

2014-02-26_0036 2014-02-26_0037

Essentially the shape of the Dream Watch 5 is inspired by the core of almost any DeBethune watch if you look closely at the movements. The casing is made of titanium and really is flawless, finished to reflect anything it catches (which does make it pretty hard to photograph!). Much like the DB28 Digitale it also features a jump hour and a minute indicator next to it, as well as a spherical moon phase in the centre. It also has a 5 day power reserve, which is a lot for such a small timepiece. The dream turned out to be very elegant and almost unreal – it looks like something from the future and it is hard to believe there will be many brave enthusiasts who will actually own this model. To me it easily compares with the Vianney Halter Opus 3, a watch for dreamers and extraordinary people who definitely don’t fit the usual description of a watch collector.

2014-02-26_0038 2014-02-26_0039


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