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Chopard x WatchAnish at Mille Miglia 2015

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Over 80 years since the very first Mille Miglia race happened back in 1927. A historical event, which shows just how passionate and committed people are when it comes to this particular race, one of the most known and talked about circuits of all time. This year however is also quite record breaking – 438 cars were accepted in the competition in total, 8 of which are military vehicles. Our team was invited to participate in this year’s Mille Miglia by the main sponsor and brand that links to the race immediately when we think of it – Chopard, who has just released a new collection prior to the race.

As our team arrived to Italy, we stayed in a beautiful hotel called ” l’Albereta’ from where we then traveled into Brescia town centre where all the action was taking place. We arrived in the Chopard Racing Club for refreshment and some photo opportunities with all the classic cars parked up all around the city town hall and the street to later witness Mr Schefelle (Chopard’s vice president ) drive off in his 1956 Prsche 550 Spyder A – 1500 RS. 

Tuesday 14 May,  we were transferred to Brescia again for more photoshoots with the cars and around 2 PM all the participating cars and drivers started to move from Brescia to the starting point of the actual race… We see them off from the Chopard Tribune before heading back to l’Albereta. 



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And while the competing cars were passing through the Northen and the Eastern side of Italy, going from Verona to Ravenna, and then hitting Rimini, Chopard had organised two cars for us and Matthew Zorpas; VW Golf convertible and Scirocco GTR. We were traveling in the VW GOLF enjoying the beautiful sceneries of San Marino, where we stopped for lunch in Mitchlin Starred restaurant ‘Righi’ before taking some photos in their beautiful town located on top of the mountain. We then were en route to Roma ( 330km away ) to follow the race where they made their first stop. 

We were able to follow the race after they stopped at the tribune in Rome, driving in line of their formation for a cruise in Rome before they head off to a small town to spend the night in. 

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Day 2 marked its finish line in the Italian capital earlier than in any previous Mille Miglia edition, with the first car that reached Castel S. Angelo at 20:30. And while the drivers were getting back on the horses in the morning we had a photoshoot around Rome with Matthew Zorpas and visited the infamous tourist spots like the Stadio Olimpico. We switched cars and hopped into the Scirocco GTR to feel the top speed of 260km/h with its 207bhp.

We arrived in a small town in Tuscany, to be hosted by Chef Gaetano Travato, brother of the owner of ‘Arnolfo’, the only Mitchlin Starred restaurant in Tuscany. We enjoyed a 5 course meal of food heaven, also their precious whisky and wine collection are unbelievable. The owner showed us his private cellar collection including the Macallan 30. And as we said our good byes to Mille Miglia and headed back to Milano airport it still wasn’t over for the racers. Following Pisa and Lucca, after which the cars crossed the Passo dell’Abetone, they reached the plane up to Reggio Emilia. By 9PM they have all hit Parma and gathered in front of the famous Teatro Regio. 

The grand finale happened on Sunday 17th, when passing through Monza, Bergamo and the Franciacorta, the team returned to Brescia, after more than 1760 Km, successfully completing one of the most historical open road races in history.

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Photography by Harriette Nero Goc-Ong for

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