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Chivas Regal The Icon x Horology Icons : A Cut Above

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Article by Ken (Robert) Munoz

Last week in London we had a great chance to combine work and pleasure when we got to taste one of the finest and rarest whisky blends ever made, as well as include the beautiful bottle in our photoshoot.

The whisky we’re talking about is of course a Chivas Regal, but more specifically – one of its latest releases – ‘The Icon’. Created of 20 different whiskies, originated in Scotland and pretty much nowhere to be found today,  it has a completely unique taste, as well as the look.



Watch by Greubel Forsey


It’s not every day that we get to talk about whisky, and normally we wouldn’t. However just like any other luxury product we do like to get our hands on some of the rarest and most prestigious items out there. ‘The Icon’ is definitely one of them. It’s not that easy to find, and it sure is a pricey bottle, selling at $3’500. But everything about it just says ‘Collectible’.

We’ve had a pleasure of opening it, and ‘The Icon’ turned out to be exactly what Chivas claims it to be – a deep, fruity and sweet taste, balanced by hazelnut flavours.




Watch by Linde Werdelin


Watches by Audemars Piguet and Greubel Forsey

Now, while the whisky itself had a very rich taste and we’ve enjoyed it to the fullest, there also isn’t really anything quite like the bottle. Much like a watch has its movement and casing, The Icon’s bottle and packaging is nothing less than a marvel to look at. Shaped like a handblown decanter, the glass is topped with the signature luckenbooth stopper, a traditional Celtic symbol of love.


Watches by Greubel Forsey and Christophe Claret


Watches by Akrivia, Audemars Piguet, Armin Strom, Rolex, Greubel Forsey, Christophe Claret, Hublot and Linde Werdelin


Watches, accompanying ‘The Icon’ were also carefully selected by our team to create a perfect fit for the fine whisky. Hope you have enjoyed the post, and if you wish to learn more about Chivas or ‘The Icon’ go ahead and visit their website.

Photography by James N Cole for


Watch by Hublot

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