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SEVENFRIDAY S1/01 The team at SEVENFRIDAY have once again come up with something a little different in an industry that can sometimes be a little repetitive. The S1/01 is an homage to industrial processes without abandoning a sense of luxury or environmental responsibility. The animation ring on this piece, which is SF speak for the […]


Montblanc Summit

Montblanc Summit   Ordinarily when we write about watch brand collaborations they are almost exclusively with car companies. It has a well worn synergy. One lends the other a sense speed, the other in return, a sense of precision for measuring that speed.     The Montblanc Summit is not a car collaboration. It is […]


Girard Perregaux Laureato

Girard Perregaux Laureato   I’m going to perform a magic trick, I’m going to guess exactly what you’re thinking. “That’s just a Royal Oak wannabe” Was I right? Was that what you were thinking?     On some level it’s an understandable observation, but one we at Watch Anish are not prepared to agree with. […]

Bad Sherman Takes New York

MB&F Bad Sherman

MB&F Bad Sherman Available right here at You know who we like? Who’s a real mensch? Sherman from MB&F. He’s a decent kinda fella, affable, reliable, like clockwork. You could trust him to be polite to your mother in law, or water your plants while you’re on vacation. He’s an all round good guy. […]


All The Feels

All The Feels While shooting for SEVENFRIDAY in the Fame Gallery in Zurich, we were confronted by a huge array of textures against which to contrast the pieces, and we created some really striking images, but it also made us think. The feel of a watch is an essential element that is so often over […]


MB&F HM7 Aquapod

When you open a press release from a brand, one of the first things you are confronted with is a paragraph of florid prose about the “inspiration” for the watch in question. Sometimes it’s well written, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s about motor racing, or aviation. Sometimes it’s about heritage or innovation. Quite often it’s […]


The RM 50-03 Tourbillon Split Second Chronograph Ultralight McLaren F1

The RM 50-03 Tourbillon Split Second Chronograph ultralight McLaren F1 With all stories that brands tell you about their watch, there is an element of romance that is crowbarred into the narrative and frankly, we don’t mind. We’re romantics at heart, but in the case of the RM 50-03 there is the ring of truth […]

The silicone of the strap felt almost waxy

WatchAnish Exclusive with SEVENFRIDAY by Rocketbyz

  “W T Glowing F is that?!” We hear you ask. Well that my friend is the brand new SEVENFRIDAY by Rocketbyz, and this, is the only place you can buy one   We’ve always had a soft spot for the crazy cats over at SEVENFRIDAY. For their refusal to be just another Swiss watch […]


SIHH 2017 Day 2 – RECAP

  It was a late start for Team Watch Anish, exacerbated by people having to charge phones and laptops and cameras and hair straighteners and God knows what else while sharing one Swiss adapter. This has lead to a discussion about why Switzerland doesn’t share plug format with the rest of Europe, or any other […]


SIHH 2017 Day 1 RECAP

  Vacheron Constantin   It is one of the accepted ironies of life that nothing at watch shows happens on time. Our first appointment of SiHH 2017 is no exception. The hushed and venerated tone of the Vacheron Constantin booth is a welcome tonic for the Watch Anish team who are a little shell shocked […]