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Viva Las Vegas – Best Gambling Watches by Christophe Claret

There are classy watches. There are chunky watches. Sporty watches. Pilot watches, diver watches, apple watches, technical watches, alien watches. And there are also gambling watches. If you haven’t seen what’s cooking at Christophe Claret’s manufacture you ain’t seen jack sh*t! We’re about to show you some of the sickest interactive mechanical wristwatches that’ll make your […]


MB&F Balthazar – Part Man Part Machine

Not sure what went through Max Busser’s head when thinking of the name for his new creation, but Balthazar is considered to be one of the most notable Shakespearean baby names. There are different meanings to it, but in my book (the book of a guy who’s into the ‘Supernatural’ tv series) Balthazar was one kick […]


The New Age of Zenith – The Rise of a Watchmaking Star

We’re 100% sure you’re familiar with the brand. Zenith has been around, pretty much forever. A watchmaking firm with a very long and interesting history. A brand responsible for the ‘El Primero’ and ‘Pilot’ collections, which simply became iconic. But we can safely say that these past few years have probably been the most crucial for […]


The Weirdest Watches That Will Cost You a Fortune

Earlier this week we took a close look at our favourite watches with skulls. This time it’s about much more than that. It’s about why you should spend $100’000 or more on a watch that looks nothing like a watch. If we got a dollar for every time there was a comment saying ‘wtf is […]


Skeltons in the Closet : Skulls in the Watch Industry

There are two types of people: there are ones who like pretty much anything to do with skulls, and then there are ones who really don’t get why the imagery of a man’s skull is so iconic. If you’re the second type you should probably skip this post. Otherwise enjoy! Over the past 10 years […]


Arnold & Son 2016 Novelties and Why We Love Them

Our love for Arnold & Son started a few years back when we first saw the HM Perpetual Moon watch, featuring a very elegant dial with one distinguishing detail – a beautiful hand engraved indication of moon phase. A moon phase like no other moon phase. But you probably know what I’m talking about here. Three years […]


Shooting Emmanuel Bouchet in a £13 Million unique freehold house in Knightsbridge

Ever since we have first discovered Emmanuel Bouchet’s Complication One we’ve been meaning to get our hands on the watches outside of all the expos and boutiques to shoot them in natural light and take them out for a spin in the heart of UK’s capital. To help us with the location we’ve asked our friends at […]


Montblanc Celebrates its 110th Anniversary in New York x Presentation of the Villeret Tourbillon Bi-Cylindrique ‘Serpentine’ and Heritage Rouge et Noir Pen

Montblanc is truly pioneering in the world of luxury goods and accessories for over a hundred years now, and it all started in 1906. When we say ‘writing instruments’ people automatically think of Montblanc, it wasn’t always like that. Same goes for watches today, as the brand keeps launching great models one after another and […]

Bovet_2000px-34 (1)

SIHH 2016 Live: Bovet Recital 18 Shooting Star and Pininfarina OttantaSei Tourbillon

Article by Eduard Osipov There were some great watches at SIHH this year. There were also some extremely beautiful and breathtaking timepieces outside of the fair. One of the brands that really wowed our team was Bovet. Two complicated watches, both like nothing we’ve ever seen come out of Fleurier. One is a completely different to the […]


SIHH 2016 Live: HYT Tradition & H1 Iceberg

Article by Anish Bhatt H Y T is a relatively new brand. Only started the production about 5 years ago it has achieved so much in terms of innovation, design and model range that it’s very hard to believe how small the company actually is. This year at SIHH we have 2 novelties, one of […]