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SEVENFRIDAY; The Empire State Strikes Back

The SEVENFRIDAY house party kicked on cross country with three days packed with New York minutes in a townhouse just below West 4th.

Watch Anish x Mount Street Shoe Company

Mount Street Shoe Company- The Birth of a Brand

BRAND Old English brand ‘burning’ (also in sense 3 of the noun), of Germanic origin; related to German Brand, also to burn1. The verb sense ‘mark with a hot iron’ dates from late Middle English, giving rise to the noun sense ‘a mark of ownership made by branding’ (mid 17th century). Oh how far we’ve come since you could simply […]

Seven Friday HBD2

The party people over at Seven Friday have once again done what we expect from them, which is to say, the unexpected. The new HBD2 It’s a cocoon, fashioned from 100% recyclable plastic, that protects your SEVENFRIDAY watch from what ever your lifestyle throws at it. Regardless of how badass your weekend warrior activities; dropping […]

Baselworld 2016

BaselWorld 2017

Baselworld 2017 Every year for seven days in March, the small but self-assured Swiss city of Basel, nestled in a bend in the Rhine on the border of Germany and France, becomes the epicentre of time. Well without wanting to evoke the anger of theoretical physicists the world over, we should probably say that more […]


SIHH 2017 Day 2 – RECAP

  It was a late start for Team Watch Anish, exacerbated by people having to charge phones and laptops and cameras and hair straighteners and God knows what else while sharing one Swiss adapter. This has lead to a discussion about why Switzerland doesn’t share plug format with the rest of Europe, or any other […]