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Ink – Visiting Family Business Tattoo with a New Bomberg Cobra

When looking for a tattoo salon in London you’ll realise that The Family Business is definitely on top of the list. Especially if you’re trying to get Mo Coppoletta as your artist. Booked sometimes 6 months ahead the guys found time to close down shop for our photoshoot with none other than Bomberg watches. As […]


Team WatchAnish Is Moving into a New Office

See this friendly face down here?! That’s Reve, better known as @IStealWatches. She’s the only girl working at WatchAnish. There used to be more, but they couldn’t take Steven’s bad jokes any longer, so now she’s the only one. Steven is that tall Asian dude behind me. Actually, the tallest Chinese guy I’ve encountered in […]


Just the Right Blend of Classy and Street – Angelus & Supercars in the Wild

Nope, this is not a watch review. However there are some extremely nice watches in this post, all by a brand called Angelus (click here to read more on their 2o15 launch). Named after one of the most known watchmaker in the industry back in 1891, Angelus re-launched the brand just a year ago. And since […]


Buben & Zorweg – Making Your Watches Look Like James Bond’s Gadgets

There are watch winders, and then there are Buben & Zorweg watch winders. And then.. There are Buben & Zorweg watch closets. And so much more. There are lots of people among the 1% of our world who already seem to have everything. And just in case you are one of them, or someone close to […]


Chivas Regal The Icon x Horology Icons : A Cut Above

Article by Ken (Robert) Munoz Last week in London we had a great chance to combine work and pleasure when we got to taste one of the finest and rarest whisky blends ever made, as well as include the beautiful bottle in our photoshoot. The whisky we’re talking about is of course a Chivas Regal, […]


Announcing TAG Heuer’s New Ambassador – ‘King of New York’ NY Ranger’s Henrik Lundqvist

Article by Jeremy Roizin Earlier this week we got a great chance to sit down and talk with TAG Heuer’s new ambassador. It’s not your regular celebrity, he doesn’t come from show biz, nor is he a golfer. Henrik Lundqvist, one of hockey’s most recognized players today is the goaltender for New York Rangers, and is […]

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SIHH 2016 Live: Playing with the Montblanc Novelties in the Snow

Just before the start of this year’s SIHH madness in Geneva we decided to do a couple of pre-expo features on some watches that we could get our hands on yesterday. First of them being Montblanc, and their all new pieces. If you follow our Instagram and Snapchat you probably saw our team almost freezing […]


Collector’s Homes: Ali @Santa_Laura from Singapore

Article by Steven Wu This month we had a great chance to fly out to Singapore and meet up with a very good friend of the team as well as an extremely awesome guy, and a very serious collector. Ali, who goes by the name of @Santa_Laura lives in a house full of collector’s items, […]


Something Cool : A $50’000 Solid Gold Custom Mastercard made by Aurae

Article by Dillon Bhatt Here’s something you don’t see every day – a $50’000 Mastercard made of solid gold and custom to every owner. If you’re thinking ‘How’s that even possible?!’ – we don’t really know the answer. But it’s definitely sexy. And also very different from the regular luxury items we’re seeing around these […]


Armin Strom x WatchAnish at PET HQ

Is there anything better than combining luxury watches with luxurious vehicles? Didn’t think so.. Last week we visited our friend Aleem at his garage. You might know him from the awesome instagram account and YouTube vlog he’s got. It’s mostly expensive fast cars… and some selfies. But we didn’t really have the time to turn […]