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We're going where ever Rihanna tells us to

Colours and Collars from SEVENFRIDAY

The new SEVENFRIDAY x Rocketbyz x Susudio jacket collection is pure style. Signature bold colours from Rocketbyz depict icons of the music and entertainment world on leather jackets. It’s not the first time Seven Friday and Rocketbyz have got together to create something truly striking. Their collaborative watch, which was available exclusively on sold […]

The whip

SEVENFRIDAY in the House!

Sometimes a party just comes together out of nowhere. Nobody has planned anything but the stars align, and it’s pure hedonism all the way till brunch the next day (where the strong have a Bloody Mary and start again). Sometimes a shindig is planned to the most minute detail, and the life is sucked right […]

The ever youthful Silver Lady

Rolls Royce Phantom 8

  There is something truly unusual about Rolls Royce but rarer than its production numbers, rarer still than those that can afford one, so rare and so unusual that if it was an animal it would be considered endangered. Rolls Royce have become what few can hope to achieve, they have become a well worn […]


The Enduring Luxury of the Cigar

“Luxury item” is a term that conjures up images of haute couture clothing, automobiles, watches, foods and smoking accessories. It can also be a luxury service such as in a restaurant, hotel, or other such establishments. One such luxury item that has stood the test of time is the cigar, synonymous with famous historical figures […]


Gentlemen; Start your Ingenieurs!

Gentlemen; Start your Ingenieurs! It was an absolute delight to get out of London and head out to the rural idyl of Goodwood, seat of Lord March, heir to the Dukedom of Richmond. That is probably the most inherently British sentence we’ve ever written here at Watch Anish and it’s a reflection of how the […]

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If Scotches Wore Watches…

At Watch Anish we believe that you deserve the finest things in life, which controversially includes things that aren’t always watches! In this case we’re going to explore the world of whisky and the brands that inhabit it. Deciphering which amber liquid is the right one for you can be difficult. All the names are […]


MB&F HM8 and Classic Cars in Dubai (1973 Porsche 911 and 1974 Ferrari Dino)

Just about a week ago MB&F has launched their latest addition to the Horological Machine series by introducing the HM8. We had the pleasure of seeing it live and presenting it together with the brand in Dubai’s M.A.D Gallery. The next day we took the 2 watches for a spin in a couple of legendary rides. […]

Golden Dreams Shoot-52

Golden Dreams: first iPhone made of NTPT Carbon

It’s been quite popular over the past couple of years to buy a smartphone and customise it to turn it gold, chrome or whatever outrageous colour people have on their minds. Demand creates supply and there has been a lot of custom phone brands on the market lately. However, much like customising a watch, if […]


Russian Officials and Their Modest Watch Collection

This was originally going to be one of those ‘Presidents Watches’ articles. But then we’ve done some researching and browsing through hundreds and hundreds of pics with Barack Obama and his… well, disgusting Jorg Gray, as well as many other European and American leaders and their very poor and conservative choice of wristwear. So we […]


Bird’s Eye View of NYC with A Million Dollar Watch

A Million point one, to be correct. We’re talking about that time we decided to fly out a $1.1 m Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 degrees Technique Sapphire watch on a helicopter above the city of New York. While in some cases the look of sapphire on the casing looks more like a child’s plastic […]