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We're going where ever Rihanna tells us to

Colours and Collars from SEVENFRIDAY

The new SEVENFRIDAY x Rocketbyz x Susudio jacket collection is pure style. Signature bold colours from Rocketbyz depict icons of the music and entertainment world on leather jackets. It’s not the first time Seven Friday and Rocketbyz have got together to create something truly striking. Their collaborative watch, which was available exclusively on sold […]

The whip

SEVENFRIDAY in the House!

Sometimes a party just comes together out of nowhere. Nobody has planned anything but the stars align, and it’s pure hedonism all the way till brunch the next day (where the strong have a Bloody Mary and start again). Sometimes a shindig is planned to the most minute detail, and the life is sucked right […]


Brand New

The Birth of Luxury Lifestyle Brands     At Watch Anish our Instagram profiles, Snapchat Stories, and this very website are filled by some, if not all, of the most recognisable and desirable luxury brands in the world. We cover the full spectrum of luxury from travel, to automotive, to even the occasional watch. We […]


WatchAnish Polo Shirts – Limited Edition of 50 Available NOW

A few months back we had an idea of launching a special product that our followers and friends will really enjoy. It’s been a long time but we are finally ready to announce it. We love Polo shirts, they’re probably the best when it comes to comfortable clothes that can still look classy. So we […]


Pictorial – All Red Sole Everything with ManBehindTheBrand and Louboutin

This post isn’t really educational in any shape or form. Just some of our favourite accessories put together in London earlier on. So sit back and enjoy some Christian Louboutin x Rolex x Neil Barrett x Rolls Royce action… Is the ‘red sole’ thing slowly getting boring and bad taste? Nope, not really. Is Christian Louboutin getting crazier […]


How Many Places To Store Shoes Does an Aventador Have?!

Last week we were in London and met with our friend ManBehindTheBrand… He had a lot of shoes with him and we had an Aventador (duuh..) so we decided to see exactly how many shoe storage spots we can find in a Lambo?! 😀 If you can count take a look at the pics we’ve […]


WatchAnish x Suit Supply – It’s (Launch) Party Time

If you read WatchAnish on the regular chances are your wrist game is pretty tight, but what about your suit game? After all, nothing complements a nice timepiece better than an impeccably tailored suit with just the right amount of cuff showing, maybe matched with a funky pair of cufflinks to complete the look and […]


Rare Vintage Rolex Collection in Florence – Hands On With Some of The Most Iconic Rolexes From WatchesInRome

Some of you guys know I’m usually writing about new watches, mostly independent brands, and rarely about the traditional manufacturers. Especially vintage watches, I usually leave that to other, more experienced ‘watch geeks’. However once in a while I do get a chance to meet with some very knowledgable collectors or retailers; and when that happens it […]


WatchAnish at Pitti Uomo 86 (Pt.2) – Street Style & Outfits

I wish watch fairs were a bit more like Pitti Uomo… And don’t get angry at me for saying that – I’m a big fan of horology and I love to talk watches pretty much anywhere and at any time, but the more I visit the big fairs the more I realise they can get a […]


Discovering Cartier Watches in New York

Welcome To The World Of Cartier Hands up if you think Cartier is just a jewelry brand that happens to make watches too. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You’re wrong of course, but you’re certainly not alone. After all, many people have come to associate the name Cartier with images of exquisitely crafted jewelry, sparkling […]