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Buyer profile – Super Heros x Super Horology by Indohorology

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Our friend from Indonesia (who has decided to stay anonymous) is a pretty special guy! Living every guy’s dream of being able to enjoy the things he loves and having worked hard enough to do it to the fullest! Below you will find a selection of some amazing creations from Marvel to Richard Mille, MBandF, FP Journe, Urwerk, Cartier and De Bethune! Enjoy!! Note that all images were taken at the collector’s home :)

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Here is his story, in his own words:


“My passions are horology, collecting limited edition statues as well as photography.

I was first attracted to horology when my father-in-law bought me a piece. The visit to the watch retailer was an eye opener as I didn’t know that the horology world is so vast. At that time I was only aware of only two brands – Rolex and Tag Hueur, as the most popular brands among Indonesians.”

Richard Mille RM003 Ironman full size statue

“Fueled by my curiosity and eagerness to learn, I started reading about horology, and joining local watch gatherings. Not only did i learn that horology world is very intricate and interesting, it also brings people together (just like us). Today, I buy time pieces to celebrate milestones in my life.”

MBandF HM3 Ironman statue


“My other passion is collecting limited-edition statues. When I was growing up, I didn’t get the leisure of owning many toys. So now that I have my own income, I’m reliving my childhood.”







“I think there’s always a boy living inside a man. And the plus point is, this hobby is supported by a solid growing community, and since it’s the limited edition statues that I collect, I believe it’s an investment rather than wasting money. Plus they act as home decorations.”




“As for photography, I simply love to capture memories, especially with my loved ones (my super awesome, amazing, gorgeous wife and my three dogs ;P)”


Here are some more pictures for every man and boy to drool over. Thank you so much for sharing some of your amazing collection with us!





We hope you enjoyed the article as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you! 😀

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