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Buben & Zorweg – Making Your Watches Look Like James Bond’s Gadgets

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There are watch winders, and then there are Buben & Zorweg watch winders. And then.. There are Buben & Zorweg watch closets. And so much more. There are lots of people among the 1% of our world who already seem to have everything. And just in case you are one of them, or someone close to them, here’s what you’ve been missing. Over 20 years ago Buben & Zorweg have been in the business of producing high quality safes. Then, in 1995 they get a sudden idea to switch the product but keep the same target customer and high level of quality. Instead of only creating safes why not create a safe where one can store all the watches?

It’s been over two decades now, since the very first watch winder from B&Z. But the DNA is still there. No matter how complex the design is, whether it’s a portable winder / clock or a human size ‘watch closet’ with wine/cigar/accessory shelves it always looks like an art installation. And prices for these pieces vary from around $5’000 and to infinity and beyond ($300’000+)


Today we will only introduce you to a few select products that we’ve had the pleasure of seeing in London.

There’s the ‘Grand Infinity’ , which at first ‘just’ looks like a beautiful clock. However with a touch of a button it will open up on the sides and reveal two vertical sets of watch winders. And if that wasn’t already enough there’s a very big safe beneath the clock. Price – $80’000





Then, there’s the ‘Phantom‘ and it’s alive! A speaker, with an iPhone dock that can also wind up to 8 of your watches at the same time opens up with a mechanical system consisting of over 100 parts. This one is probably the most practical of B&Z’s creations. Price – $10’500



Finally, in case you are a fan of something a little bit more unusual, there’s the ‘Agartos‘. A winder that looks like Ben Affleck’s costume from ‘Batman VS Superman’ and has a tourbillon clock on top of that. Needless to say anything else. Just marvel at that thing. Price – $52’000

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Photography by James Cole for WatchAnish

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