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Breva Genie 01 watch – The Wrist Weather Man

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Have you ever wondered how a watch that shows you weather would look?! To be honest I haven’t, but the guys over at Breva did, and decided to create the first mechanical watch to combine altitute and meteo barometer showings, creating yet another reason to stop watching tv (and instead just read the weather of your wrist).


We at Watch Anish took a closer look at the watch everyone was talking about at Baselworld this year, and here we try to explain to you guys what exactly it does. Prepare your brains for meltdown! First of all, the watch is absolutely stunning by not just the functionality but also the beauty! Coming in 18k Rose or White gold it is really one of the coolest and yet traditional designs we’ve seen lately. On the dial it displays the time (hours/minutes) at 8 o’clock in a smaller dial, a power reserve (of 65 hours) at 4 o’clock, an altimeter on the top of the dial and the most importantly weather forecast (barometer) at 2 o’clock.

So what’s the secret behind this watch? It doesn’t have any kind of digital equipment to support the weather showings, and if you’re in a desert (or central Russia), where wifi or even ‘Edge’ internet is not an option, the Genie will still show you the correct weather, as its all about mechanics! At around 4 o’clock of the outer casing you can see a button marked “AIR”, and when this is pushed it lets air inside the watch. This ‘processes’ to equalize the pressure (via the air valve) inside the watch. Quite a clever move by Breva was to have a Teflon membrane around the pusher which allows air in without allowing any moisture or humidity! 😮

For the watch to show you the right weather you need to adjust the altitude in the altimeter (inner pusher at 2 o’clock), and after a bit of time the watch will be able to show you the up to date weather. Now here is a bit of the technical info we sort of took from the official web site (for the physics nerds) – ‘The attitude display reads from -300 to +5,300 metres, while the barometric display ranges between 973 and 1053 hectopascals (hPa)’



That principal is pretty impressive, and you will be able to keep track of the weather wherever you are. But how about the time? You can wind and charge the watch using the crown at 9 o’clock as opposed to the usual 3, and the time works separately from the barometer, so you would not have any problems with the time reading in case there’s a storm coming! :)

Overall the watch is really awesome, and sits on the wrist very nicely. The detailing and back of the case are done very well and the time is easy to read even with all these meteo complications (and our terrible attempt at a physics lesson!).

Thank You for bearing with us all this time, and if you read till here you can proudly say ‘I know how Breva Genie 01 works… Kind of’! Like and share if you enjoyed it too!

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