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Futureproof – The Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps (MCT) Sequential One

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You have to see the video of this thing!


One armed bandit!


Like honestly, it is one of my favourite technical pieces. We are quite lucky here in that we get to personally handle and work with some exceptional watches, from tourbillons (single, double and quadruple), perpetual calendars, minute repeaters, the works! But for me personally, a piece like this is so exciting to see in the flesh. I’m going to cheat a little and show a video explanation of how the watch works (I’d suggest watching it in HD mode).


Designed in a completely new manner by Denis Giguet from the ground up, the movement consisting of some 471 parts is a sight to behold in itself. The complexities and functions of said movement shouldn’t be a surprise seeing as they were developed by Giguet, a man responsible in part for the Harry Winston Opus Project numbers 1-6 and 11. These billboard-esque rollers turn to show the hour and the minute disc rotate around the dial in a way that begs you to fiddle with the watch constantly! I don’t even want to know the time! I just want to see the hour change! Two of my favourite complications – Jump Hour and Retrograde – shown in a completely new way!




As you can see, there is a running seconds indicator placed inconspicuously on the rear of the watch. Pretty useless in reality, unless you are checking if the watch is actually running or not…



So there must be a catch? Well unfortunately, kind of.


See for all his genius and capabilities, Giguet’s ideas for his own company were not ones that the financiers agreed with, and a parting of ways took place earlier this year. What does that mean to current and future owners in terms of what the watch is actually worth when the man that designed this great watch (amongst others) in terms of movement functionality and execution has left a brand? At a price of £87,500 it’s a gamble I’m not sure that many would have happily taken had they been able to predict the future. What about servicing/parts/technical difficulties that may occur with the movement after a few years? Will the owners be able to find someone capable enough of adjusting and re-working this engine should need be? Who knows, but it is a shame to see nonetheless.











Conclusion: Given the money, would I personally buy one? No….I would buy 2 of them! And then I would pray every day that someone will one day be able to service them *nervous laugh*


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