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Baselworld 2015 Release: MCT Frequential One F110 Hands-On

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Written by Dillon Bhatt of

Second day of Baselworld 2015 is coming to its end, and there are A LOT of new watches we want to share with you guys. One of the timepieces we’re very excited about comes from the independent’s booth otherwise called ‘The Palace’, it’s the new MCT Frequential One F110, a great way to continue the series and keep the DNA, while coming up with a complitely new concept and movement.



Much like the Sequential One, the Frequential features a square shape case, yet has a completely different size, movement and dial set up. Instead of the hour plates and the minute disk you now have regular hour and minute hands. Wait, did I say regular? Scratch that, there’s nothing regular with this watch! It’s exposed balance wheel in the middle looks like it’s powering up a mini space ship or at least Tony Stark’s heart. The hour and minute hands fly around it and look very three-dimensional due to the depth of the dial and the four bridges working their way to the inside corners of the dial.





Another thing you’ll notice after you’re done checking out that beautiful balance wheel is the power reserve indicator above it. As mentioned before, the size of the casing has also changed and is now 42mm, making it a bit more wearable for gents with smaller wrists, as well as allowing more ladies to pull it off :)





After the guys at MCT showed us the watch, and we thought we had our ‘wow moment’ they surprised us even more with the price tag of the new Frequential One – retail is going to be $44’500, which is extremely competitive for a high end independent brand with a usual price tag of $70-100k for the previous models. So I hope you guys enjoyed this little review, and stay tuned for many more to come. Definitely keep up with us on Instagram and Snapchat for all the new releases (@WatchAnish).

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