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Baselworld 2014: DeBethune DB28 & DB29 MaxiChrono x DB25QP – Mo’s Choice

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As Team WatchAnish was visiting DeBethune’s booth a couple of days ago we were supposed to have a shoot with the new products for this year when suddenly I thought I saw a familiar face. I asked Anish whether it was who I thought it was and upon the confirmation of my assumption he introduced me to his friend and one of the coolest tattoo artists in the world – Mo Coppoletta. Remember back when we put up a post about Mo’s collaboration with Romain Jerome on the ‘Tattoo DNA’ collection? Well it turns out that it wasn’t just a business deal at all – Mo is a HARDCORE watch enthusiast and collector! And while it was not surprising for me that he was a fan of RJ watches I could not help but wonder if a classy DeBethune timepiece would suit him… It did. Big time.


Meet Mo Coppoletta – London based tattoo artist from Italy, owner of 3 DeBethune watches (among other ones) and one of the greatest guys I met in a long time. He immediately agreed to talk watches with me, give a quick introduction to his existing collection and show me the novelties that he prefers most, as well as actually pick up the favourites and step outside for a mini photoshoot (and also schedule a consultation for me back in his London tattoo studio!)

2014-03-31_0025 2014-03-31_0028 2014-03-31_0026

So the first of the new releases that Mo has picked up on is the beautiful and complicated DB28 Maxichrono, and I most definitely agree – it is one of the best watches I have seen this year. But even though we both love it I’d also like to show off the DB29, elder brother of the Maxichrono but with a tourbillon and in a different casing.. Why? Well, first of all it’s the design – everything from the casing and lugs to the depth of the dial, numerals, movement and even stitching on the strap is flawless :) It has nothing redundant, there are no subdials, no pushers next to the crown (except for the small one below that opens the case back), and even the tourbillon is not displayed in front of the dial simply because it wouldn’t fit the overall simplistic look. But don’t get it the wrong way – this watch is super complicated! Apart from the running hours and minutes that we recognise by the circular tips of the hands  the face of the watch also features chronograph seconds, minutes and hours which are displayed by the thinner hands.

2014-03-31_0016 2014-03-31_0018 2014-03-31_0017

The fact that there are no pushers except for the crown makes the timepiece a crown activated mono-pusher. And apart from that (as if this was not enough) there are patented systems in the movement that almost prevent the friction between the parts of it during the work of chronograph. Oh, and there’s also a tourbillon in the back – you’ll see it as soon as you open the ‘hunter back’ of the watch.

2014-03-31_0021 2014-03-31_0019

Now I’m sorry for getting a little sidetracked with the DB29, this article is indeed called ‘Mo’s Choice’, so let’s proceed to the second timepiece, and Mo’s absolute favourite according to the way he inappropriately behaved next to it – the DB25QP :) I can only agree and understand his excitement as that is one hell of a perpetual calendar! With the day of the week at 9, month at 3, date at 6 and moon phase indication at 12 o’clock it creates perfect harmony on the dial, without dragging too much attention to one particular detail of the dial.





The new version with the ‘salmon’ dial also adds a lot to the timepiece making it even more interesting. And as Mo and I both conquered when you are buying your first DeBethune you’d probably go for a more subtle and neutral colour, but when choosing your fourth (!) piece you need to have fun with it, and go for the colour that makes you tick. And this one’s definitely got something very special in it, innit?! :)

2014-03-31_0023 2014-03-31_0022

So that’s it for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and pics as well as seeing Mo as our most badass model yet. Come back tomorrow for more Basel action!

Photos for us by Adam Priscak.


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