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Hermes at SIHH 2018 – The Beautifully Twisted Arceau Chrono Titane

Hermes horology department has started this year with a bang (quite literally). A timepiece, called Arceau Chrono Titane, a very major addition to the already iconic ‘Arceau’ collection. That is, due to its contemporary design, casing material, unusually large (for Hermes) size and the functionality you would be getting for quite an affordable price. Design, […]


SIHH 2017 Day 2 – RECAP

  It was a late start for Team Watch Anish, exacerbated by people having to charge phones and laptops and cameras and hair straighteners and God knows what else while sharing one Swiss adapter. This has lead to a discussion about why Switzerland doesn’t share plug format with the rest of Europe, or any other […]


SIHH 2017 Day 1 RECAP

  Vacheron Constantin   It is one of the accepted ironies of life that nothing at watch shows happens on time. Our first appointment of SiHH 2017 is no exception. The hushed and venerated tone of the Vacheron Constantin booth is a welcome tonic for the Watch Anish team who are a little shell shocked […]


WatchAnish x WatchTime New York 2016 Edition

Many of you will remember last year’s exhibition that we have hosted in New York together with WatchTime. We’re very glad to tell you that it’s now officially become a tradition, and this year’s fair was even more successful than the very first one. Just about a month ago we have teamed up with WatchTime […]

WatchAnish HYT-38

HYT H1 Colorblock

Article by Reve Dagher for   We’ve seen brighter colors. But brighter isn’t always better. Or is it? From the cover of this post you’ve probably seen what we’re going to discuss here. It’s not a classy dress piece, nor is it very practical. So before getting into the ‘what and how much’ let’s […]


Trip to Abu Dhabi with Al Manara IJ and an Impressive Watch Collection

Just before we set on the sail boat with Ulysse Nardin to unveil the new Marine Deck Tourbillon in Abu Dhabi, we had a great couple of days in the city, where we were invited by our good friends at Al Manara International Jewellery. Starting the trip with a ride to the showroom at The Galleria, […]


Ulysse Nardin Marine Deck Tourbillon Launch in Abu Dhabi

Ulysse Nardin revisits its origins. Sailing that is. If you followed my Instagram feed last week then you saw how much I fell in love with the novelty. If not, you’re about to find out now. Last week I and my team were invited all the way to Abu Dhabi to see the unveiling of the […]


MB&F HM8 and Classic Cars in Dubai (1973 Porsche 911 and 1974 Ferrari Dino)

Just about a week ago MB&F has launched their latest addition to the Horological Machine series by introducing the HM8. We had the pleasure of seeing it live and presenting it together with the brand in Dubai’s M.A.D Gallery. The next day we took the 2 watches for a spin in a couple of legendary rides. […]


Unveiling the MB&F HM8 in Dubai’s M.A.D Gallery

Every once in a while MB&F releases a new creation. And I’m sure to say this without even checking my facts, they release a lot more watches than 99% of independent brands do (while producing a lot less). And I’m not talking about limited edition this, or special edition that, black dial, blue dial, orange strap […]

Golden Dreams Shoot-52

Golden Dreams: first iPhone made of NTPT Carbon

It’s been quite popular over the past couple of years to buy a smartphone and customise it to turn it gold, chrome or whatever outrageous colour people have on their minds. Demand creates supply and there has been a lot of custom phone brands on the market lately. However, much like customising a watch, if […]