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Summer Sixteen / Destination Monaco with Jacob&Co

We felt like we were working hard this year (or was it ‘hardly working’..?) so our team decided to get away from London’s warm, though still rainy Summer season and fly to Monte-Carlo, Monaco. And just as we decided to have ourselves a little vacation we suddenly remembered it’s that time of the year again. It’s […]


McLaren 570S Coupe – Doors That Open Like This \_/

‘You wanna know what I have? A car whose doors open like this. Not like this! Not like this!’ In case you, much like Russ Hanneman, despise doors that open up in regular fashion, you’re going to enjoy this post. This week we’ve had a pleasure of taking a pretty slick car out for a drive- […]


The Weirdest Watches That Will Cost You a Fortune

Earlier this week we took a close look at our favourite watches with skulls. This time it’s about much more than that. It’s about why you should spend $100’000 or more on a watch that looks nothing like a watch. If we got a dollar for every time there was a comment saying ‘wtf is […]


Team WatchAnish Is Moving into a New Office

See this friendly face down here?! That’s Reve, better known as @IStealWatches. She’s the only girl working at WatchAnish. There used to be more, but they couldn’t take Steven’s bad jokes any longer, so now she’s the only one. Steven is that tall Asian dude behind me. Actually, the tallest Chinese guy I’ve encountered in […]


Skeltons in the Closet : Skulls in the Watch Industry

There are two types of people: there are ones who like pretty much anything to do with skulls, and then there are ones who really don’t get why the imagery of a man’s skull is so iconic. If you’re the second type you should probably skip this post. Otherwise enjoy! Over the past 10 years […]


Fast & Furious & Coffee : Sung Kang’s FuguZ and Perrelet

It’s no secret that some of the ‘Fast & Furious’ cast are big car fans. We all remember and love the late Paul Walker. But apart from him there is another major role actor whose admiration for mechanics led him to build his own version of a historical car, and on top of that release […]


Collector’s Mindset in Russia: Exploring Saint-Petersburg with Jaquet Droz

Travelling is a very big part of our team’s lives. And while you’ve seen us travel to the US or MEA many times it was our very first time in Saint Petersburg this year. Right when Russia was hosting the IIHF World Hockey Championship in the city, we had a great couple of days around Saint-Petersburg with […]


Just the Right Blend of Classy and Street – Angelus & Supercars in the Wild

Nope, this is not a watch review. However there are some extremely nice watches in this post, all by a brand called Angelus (click here to read more on their 2o15 launch). Named after one of the most known watchmaker in the industry back in 1891, Angelus re-launched the brand just a year ago. And since […]


Pictorial – All Red Sole Everything with ManBehindTheBrand and Louboutin

This post isn’t really educational in any shape or form. Just some of our favourite accessories put together in London earlier on. So sit back and enjoy some Christian Louboutin x Rolex x Neil Barrett x Rolls Royce action… Is the ‘red sole’ thing slowly getting boring and bad taste? Nope, not really. Is Christian Louboutin getting crazier […]


Vacheron Constantin New Overseas Collection

Travel is one of the most important themes when it comes to watchmaking. Especially luxury watches, as their owners aren’t usually the sit-at-home type. During this year alone our team has already travelled to 4 different continents and visited over 30 cities multiple times. So whenever there’s a watch that aims to be your perfect […]