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SIHH 2016 Live: Bovet Recital 18 Shooting Star and Pininfarina OttantaSei Tourbillon

There were some great watches at SIHH this year. There were also some extremely beautiful and breathtaking timepieces outside of the fair. One of the brands that really wowed our team was Bovet. Two complicated watches, both like nothing we’ve ever seen come out of Fleurier. One is a completely different to the already traditional case design, […]


SIHH 2016 Live: HYT Tradition & H1 Iceberg

H Y T is a relatively new brand. Only started the production about 5 years ago it has achieved so much in terms of innovation, design and model range that it’s very hard to believe how small the company actually is. This year at SIHH we have 2 novelties, one of which is really more […]


SIHH 2016 Live: Richard Mille RM50-02 ACJ x RM11 in TPT Quartz

Coming back from the Richard Mille booth you never really stop thinking about what the R&D dept eats for breakfast. It’s gotta be steroids, they manage to be the trend setters for many years now, and one of the recent examples was the RM56, first ever high end watch to be made fully out of […]


SIHH 2016 Live: MB&F HM6 SV (Craziest Watch of The Year)

And the title for ‘Craziest Watch of This Year’ goes to…. You guessed it, even Max Busser himself is excited more than usually! The HM6 SV is the latest release from MB&F this year at SIHH, and it’s just jaw dropping. If you’re a fan of the brand you would definitely know about the HM6, […]


SIHH 2016 Live: Audemars Piguet Novelties (New Diver, Royal Oak Double Balance Openworked)

As the very first day of SIHH 2016 passed by it’s safe to say this year is a huge success. We were absolutely right to assume that the last fair was somewhat of a transition. This time we see novelties wherever we go, starting with independents and to huge names in the industry like AP […]

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SIHH 2016 Live: Playing with the Montblanc Novelties in the Snow

Just before the start of this year’s SIHH madness in Geneva we decided to do a couple of pre-expo features on some watches that we could get our hands on yesterday. First of them being Montblanc, and their all new pieces. If you follow our Instagram and Snapchat you probably saw our team almost freezing […]


Collector’s Homes: Ali @Santa_Laura from Singapore

This month we had a great chance to fly out to Singapore and meet up with a very good friend of the team as well as an extremely awesome guy, and a very serious collector. Ali, who goes by the name of @Santa_Laura lives in a house full of collector’s items, starting from watches and […]


Something Cool : A $50’000 Solid Gold Custom Mastercard made by Aurae

Here’s something you don’t see every day – a $50’000 Mastercard made of solid gold and custom to every owner. If you’re thinking ‘How’s that even possible?!’ – we don’t really know the answer. But it’s definitely sexy. And also very different from the regular luxury items we’re seeing around these day.   Made by […]


Not Your Usual ‘Watches Under 10k’ Pt.1 – Selection Of Watches At Every Price Range and Gift Ideas

Whenever looking for watches on the web we’ve noticed one thing pretty much all people have in common – setting your limit. Obviously some collectors have no limit, and they can easily buy up to 10-50 watches a month, and of course some people get very excited when they fall in love with a certain […]


Le Vault in Abu Dhabi – Keeping Your Watches Like a Boss

So you just bought your 5th watch, you bring it home, take it off, and put it on the table. Or in your drawer (like Schwarzenegger does). Or do you actually want them to look nice and not have an automatic movement stopped the next time you wear it? In that case you probably need […]