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OnTheRoad: New York, New York… w/ Tiffany & Co.

As part of our editorial series on the blog, we have decided to hit the city that never sleeps with the brand that never gets out of style; and while Tiffany & Co. may not be best known for their watches in today’s world we have all heard and trust the name if we think of […]

Win a Special Montblanc Watch with the WatchAnishxMontblanc Contest

Attention all watch enthusiasts from the UK ! We’re hosting a competition with Montblanc! And we are giving away our very special Montblanc watch to the winner!  Rules are simple: 1. Visit the MontBlanc Booth this November, or any of the official Montblanc boutiques in the UK. 2. Challenge your creativity and photography skills to take pictures […]

Hands-on with the Ferdinand Berthoud FB1 Chronometer

Born in 1727 in Neuchatel, Ferdinand Berthoud is a historical figure in the world of watchmaking. Known best for his exquisite marine chronometers he became the clockmaker to the King of France himself in the 1773. And if you heard or knew the name until now chances are you’re a watchmaker or a serious collector.. However […]

Lifestyle Lessons with Roger Dubuis – Pictorial from London

Most of our shoots often include dapper suits, nice cars, exotic locations and beautiful ladies, that is all because we want to show some of your favourite watches in an environment they’re meant to be worn in (well, at least according to us). Today we’re going to take a closer look at what WatchAnish is […]

Louis Moinet Knows How To Personalise Watches & WatchAnish Tourbillon

Some brands tend to call changing the colour of a dial or putting a different strap on a watch a custom job. And while it may be called a customisation it’s nowhere near being creative or personalised. Now we’re taking a look at the brand that probably does the best job today when it comes to […]

OnTheRoad: Zenith in London

As you probably know by now, TeamWatchAnish is super worldwide. While I’m in Geneva, Jeremy is shooting in New York and Anish might be wherever his plane ticket takes him next. Due to that we’ve decided to do a little feature called ‘OnTheRoad’ where we will be showing you shoots that we execute while traveling. […]

How Many Places To Store Shoes Does an Aventador Have?!

Last week we were in London and met with our friend ManBehindTheBrand… He had a lot of shoes with him and we had an Aventador (duuh..) so we decided to see exactly how many shoe storage spots we can find in a Lambo?! 😀 If you can count take a look at the pics we’ve […]

Bomberg USA E-Commerce Announcement & New BOLT68 Chronograph Models

Which brand comes to mind when talking about controversy and provocative image in the watch industry? None other than Bomberg, I’d bet almost anything! A couple of weeks ago we had a really cool opportunity to have a first look at their latest pieces in the BOLT68 collection (wrist watches that turn into pocket watches), […]

Mouwad Jewelry Celebrates its 125th Anniversary

If you take a look at the watch industry you’d see many brands that were founded by families of watchmakers yet had shifted to more corporate structures. However when thinking of jewelry houses we realised that there are a lot of family owned businesses that run for many generations and manage to still come up […]

New Release: Bovet 19Thirty Hands-On

What comes to mind when thinking of classy timepieces and heritage? It’s different for everyone, but if you make a list Bovet would definitely be among the first names that come to mind. Founded in 1822 by Edouard Bovet and his brothers the company has come a very long way, and is now among the leaders […]