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Anil Arjandas London Boutique Opening x WatchAnish

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So you guys know how many of our followers are constantly asking us ‘Where are those bracelets from?!’. Most of the bracelets they are referring to are from the awesome Anil Arjandas jewels collections. Here we’ll  tell you a little about the man himself and his brand, as well as the new boutique opening in London. Anil Arjandas has transformed his passion into career in the year 2000 when his first collection came out, and it wasn’t just the bracelets. Since the early 2000s Anil has established a really cool brand that still stays true to its traditions. There were many different collections with skulls, diamonds, black and rose gold, sunglasses, perfume, precious stones and even watches (though Anil is a huge AP lover if you follow his instagram @anilarjandas), and today (well, actually 7th of November) Anil opened a new boutique in London, in addition to his already existing 2 stores in Zaragoza and Marbella. Before we get into the entire coverage of the event here’s a cool video we made of it! Enjoy :)


2013-11-21_0001 2013-11-21_0002 2013-11-21_0003 anil-arjandas-boutique-london-store-opening-watch-anish-watchanish

As the preparation for the opening was over Anil was welcoming his new stylish and happy guests and friends (and Anish too) at the front door of his just opened boutique. Needless to say we were on a secret mission to spot the best watches and looks of the evening! Among them Anil’s new addition to his current collection of Audemars Piguet ‘Royal Oaks’…

2013-11-21_0007 2013-11-21_0033 anil-arjandas-boutique-london-store-opening-watch-anish-watchanish-ap-audemars-piguet-royal-oak 2013-11-21_0013 anil-arjandas-boutique-london-store-opening-watch-anish-watchanish-bro 2013-11-21_0006

anil-arjandas-boutique-london-store-opening-watch-anish-watchanish-chanel-girl-cute anil-arjandas-boutique-london-store-opening-watch-anish-watchanish-ap-audemars-piguet-royaloak anil-arjandas-boutique-london-store-opening-watch-anish-watchanish-ap-richard-mille 2013-11-21_0023 2013-11-21_0011 2013-11-21_0024 anil-arjandas-boutique-london-store-opening-watch-anish-watchanish-ap-audemars-piguetanil-arjandas-boutique-london-store-opening-watch-anish-watchanish-ring

And although there were some other events happening in London all of the ‘cool kids’ knew that nothing would beat the party next to the Cipriani restaurant, at 20, Davies street in Mayfair, where the opening took place. And so did Lilly Ghalichi, who flew all the way to England to host this evening! In case you don’t know (though you probably do) Lilly is a fashion designer, presenter, actress (also a lawyer) as well as a very beautiful lady, who we totally took lots of pictures of :)

2013-11-21_0031 2013-11-21_0018 2013-11-21_0019 2013-11-21_0017

Apart from all of the magical and exceptional jewelry and watches of the evening we also had another special guest whom you may know as ‘Tom London’ if you like magic. A member of the Magic Circle and a super-stylish lad from London surprised everyone with his up-close card tricks and taste for fine jewelry and watches!

2013-11-21_0015 2013-11-21_0016 2013-11-21_0028 2013-11-21_0029

Overall the night was really fun, the drinks were great, and the company of people really joyful, and even though we don’t remember all of it the photos reminded us how awesome it was! :) Thanks for reading this post about our big friend’s new boutique opening and if you have any questions about Anil Arjandas jewelry or how to get Lilly Ghalichi’s phone number leave us a comment below, as well as sign up to our WatchAnish members club to get the access to some exclusive content starting from the end of this year (you can submit your info now by clicking HERE)


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