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All of the lights – Richard Mille piece unique RM022 Aerodyne Tourbillon

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So, what do you do if you want to really stand out from your billionaire friends?

I mean, what happens when you go off for that party on your friends super-yacht which has moored in St Tropez for a week? Once you’re on board everyone is going to be rocking a 6 figure timepiece! How to avoid the awkwardness when comparing your Barrichello 2 in platinum number 5 to someone else’s number 2? Jump overboard? Well fear not, here is a piece that no-one else will have, so rest assured you’ll be the life of said party for sure!


WatchAnish x Richard Mille RM022 Aerodyne Marcus Edition

Subtle… *lol*


The RM022 Aerodyne is a pretty special watch in it’s normal skin. The signature Richard Mille tonneau case houses a manual wind movement capable of providing a series of impressive functions such as;

  • Tourbillon
  • 2nd timezone indicator (near the 3 o’clock marker)
  • Power reserve indicator (11 o’clock)
  • Torque meter (1 o’clock)

The watch also has a bonkers but absolutely stunning honeycomb bridge plate that shows right through the movement from one side to the other.!


WatchAnish x Richard Mille RM022 Aerodyne Marcus Edition



WatchAnish x Richard Mille RM022 Aerodyne Marcus Edition

The Honey Monster



This however is no ordinary Aerodyne. This is a one-off bespoke piece commission from Richard Mille for London retailer Marcus. The watch takes the original aesthetic features of the case and turns the volume up to 1,000,000.! The case is made out of 18k white gold and is invisible set with baguette cut diamonds. I find the use of baguette stones quite strange in most instances, as they normally don’t refract as much light as a round or princess cut, but in this case it compliments the watch rather well. I’m not always a fan of gem set men’s watches but this is so ludicrous that I actually love it!



WatchAnish x Richard Mille RM022 Aerodyne Marcus Edition

Perfect for the Ambassador’s Reception



You can’t deny that in the right environment, this watch would be killer! I’m all for understatement and refinement etc.but sometimes, just sometimes, this would be the perfect watch!



WatchAnish x Richard Mille RM022 Aerodyne Marcus Edition

“Oh I wanna be a millionaire, so freakin’ baaad..”



As mentioned, it’s available only from Marcus in London, and costs…well, as much as a Bugatti Veyron plus change. FYI, the ‘plus change’ could buy you a Ferrari 458 as well!


Anish wears:

  • Blazer – Reply, Madrid
  • Shirt – Emmett, London
  • Chinos – Reply, Madrid
  • Belt – some random belt shop in Spain

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