Wow another luxury blog right? How exciting groan…well if you made it this far, maybe you’ll stay a little longer, and we can get to know each other and be friends!!

We (try amateurishly to) bring you an original take on the world of watches, menswear, and snippets of other nice things. All of the content on the site is original, and created by us. We hope you enjoy the articles, pictures, and very bad jokes.





Anish Bhatt: Founder, and probably least important person here. A jack of all trades and a master of none. Watch and menswear specialist. Part time (bad) writer, part time (even worse) photographer. Actually a pretty good DJ though! Over inflated ego comes as standard.

Eduard Osipov : From Russia with love…and lot’s of watches! Now based in Geneva, Eduard is our own secret weapon! Partner and Writer (kind of ok at his job) for WatchAnish.com

Jeremy aka WatchesOnMe: That third Partner who has all the watches we take pictures of, our man in NYC and a baldhead with a weird obsession for scrap…   [Click here for J’s Instagram page]

James Cole: Basically, our shit hot photographer/videographer. If you are ever anywhere near us while we are filming, chances are that James will be the guy all up in your grill -__-

Carl Victor aka Whatchs: An encyclopaedia of watch knowledge, yet actually not a mind numbingly boring person. He is a complete anomaly! How is this possible!? I don’t know, but we are going to open up his skull to find out soon… Writer and Editor for WatchAnish.com [Click here for Carl’s Instagram page]

Jean Ghalo: Our man out in Dubai. Perpetual cigar smoker, watch aficionado and photographer. Also owner and publisher of PingDubai.com


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