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A Weekend in Spain With a Couple of Friends (article)

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Warning: This article contains plenty of images:)

About two weeks ago my cousin Michael (who’s a great composer and performer) called me and said he’ll be performing in a dance-music show ‘The Dance of Love’ in Benidorm, Spain. Obviously, I said I’ll do my best to come, and found a way to bring some friends along.. And by friends I mean 2 Linde Werdelin watches (Spidospeed Black and Spidolite II Red), an Arnold and Son DBG and a Rolex Explorer II. Let’s just say it was a great weekend :)

As I was in Spain for only two days first thing I decided to do is hit the beach in a small town called Moraira. I took the Spidolite II with me. Now, the watch IS waterproof but as I didn’t want to ruin the calf skin I decided to leave it with my sister for the time I was enjoying the water.

A little about the watch itself: it’s a novelty of this year for Linde Werdelin, and the name Spidolite indicates that the piece is pretty light, made of titanium (and other models of carbon and ALW (Alloe Linde Werdelin) mix, or gold. Needless to say, in these colors the watch is very photogenic.
After the beach I thought I’d head back to the family villa (as it was getting too hot near the water) where I could try the newly made pool.. and as well as that I found my grandmother’s Chopard watch that was a perfect match for the A&S DBG that I had.

The DBG, featuring 2 balance wheels visible in the front is at least to me – the coolest dual time piece made, and if you find yourself as in love with it as I am you can read my last article on Arnold and Son factory visit to find out more about it :)

As time passed I thought staying home more would kill me and I went to a city called Altea, where 2 years ago (before I was blogging about watches) I met Konstantin, a Russian friend of mine who is managing a really cool watch/jewelry store ‘Ellite Jewelry’ there. Of course I had to contact him and we met to see some nice pieces that they have. Among them there was the beautiful Royal Blue Tourbillon from Ulysse Nardin, a limited edition with diamonds inside the dial as well as the Bovet duo of the Jumping Hours (here as the pocket watch) and the Recital world timer. These watches immediately made me think of Russia as whenever I go there everyone’s always talking about Bovet and UN.

I was also quite surprised by some ladies watches and jewelry that Konstantin showed me, as usually I don’t fancy them that much, but the dual time Ulusse Nardin that I saw there seemed to be a very nice choice for a lady!



The next day, when my cousin left to practice his vocals and do some final rehearsals of the show with their group I went to explore the city a bit, and this got me riding the little train that goes around the area for tourists, which turned out to be very bumpy, and doing a bit of kayaking in the sea, as it was much calmer than the day before.




I had little time to prepare for the big show in the evening, so I decided to get there earlier rather than late, and my Spanish friend Juanjo gave me a lift in his nice Jaguar XF, where of course I could not resist to take some shots :)





As I arrived to the Benidorm Palace (where the show would be performed) I realized that I go there every Summer to see their usual shows and never went backstage; this was my opportunity, and even though I wasn’t really helpful to the crew I was all over the place, and even spotted a really nice Panerai on one of the male dancers, who turned out to be a watch geek and a vintage Leica photographer.






So the show has started, and my cousin was singing live like a boss, and as the time went by and the concert was over it was time for me to head back to Geneva at 3AM, with my flight later in the early morning.




So I got my things (that I brought directly to the Palace), and was about to leave.. when I remembered that thinking about Linde Werdelin and Arnold and Son has resulted in me forgetting the dearest Rolex at home, and without any explanations I rushed back as fast as I could and just made it to the plane. Although the angry Gate Boarding worker lady decided that my carry-on was to big and put it in the luggage, when I would only have 1 hour between flights. Of course my luggage got lost somewhere between Valencia, Zurich and Geneva and hopefully will find me soon, but that is a different story :)


I hope you’ve enjoyed my ‘little’ article (or more of a story) and tell me if I should (or shouldn’t) continue the ‘story’ format, as before it was mainly articles on some exact company or piece. I really appreciate your input guys, and if you have anything to tell me do so in the comments or on my instagram at @mrwatchguide! Till Sunday!

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