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A Rebel on the Block (article)

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I am a big fan of traditional mechanical watchmaking, and a classic round case with a conservative or skeleton dial is my favorite type of a watch.. But..

Lately I started noticing and paying more attention to the unusual watch designs, and movements. This has resulted in me discovering many cool brands that before I wouldn’t dare to wear or would think of as eccentric. Don’t get me wrong though, my taste in watches remained the same, yet some of these ‘Transformer’ looking watches just get to me and I really want to share them with others.

So upon my recent visit at the Maverick boutique in Geneva I found myself staring at a watch called T-1000 (yes, just like the Terminator) from Rebellion, a brand with a name that speaks for itself.


Now that you are all confused and wondering how the T-1000 shows the time and why is part of the casing out let me do a bit of explanation for you:

The hours are shown in the left part of the dial at 9 o’clock and minutes at 3. You can also see the vertical balance wheel (which is pretty rare) at 6 o’clock and the reason why the casing is partially up is that the watch is winded this way (by moving it)


Which gets me to my next point – why is the watch winded in such an unusual manner? Well instead of having just one main spring it has 6. And because of this instead of a 48 hour reserve it has a 1000 hour reserve (roughly 41 days if my math skills are good) and thus the name T-1000!


As the accent with this watch is done on the power reserve when you’re winding it pay close attention to that chain on the side, you’ll notice that it moves, and that completes the image of the T-1000 collection.

This year at Baselworld I saw some other modifications and models from Rebellion and this is in my opinion the coolest one:


But while many could pull off the first T-1000 for the newer model you really need a Terminator wrist to make it look good.

Price for the T-1000 at Maverick is around $100k, so if you want to get your hands on it and some other cool brands (like Arnold and Son or Linde Werdelin) check them out at the grand hotel Kempinski.

Leave your comments to let us know if you find this watch interesting or if you still think its too much of a show off to wear something like that!

By the way, doesn’t this remind you of a belt buckle? :)

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