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2016 Bentley Mulsanne Experience

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Sitting in the driver’s seat of a Bentley is probably one of the best things to dream of when growing up. What you come to realise later on if you succeed in life and get to that level when you can actually afford a Bentley is that it’s not always the best experience one can get out of a car. 2016 Bentley Mulsanne is a living proof that sometimes the back seat gets you even more emotions. We obviously can’t compare the emotions you get out of a GT3-R with a back seat of a Mulsanne, but let’s put it this way – if GT3-R is that girl who made you do crazy sh*t at night after class, then Mulsanne is marriage material.


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That car has literally everything you would want after a long day at the office, after a while it just becomes your second home. A lot of space in the back (a lot more than that Uber Black ride you got), tv screens, fine leather and most importantly – that luxurious atmosphere. It doesn’t feel like a sports car, it doesn’t feel like an every day car, it definitely doesn’t feel too futuristic or in line with current trends. That’s because it’s a timeless classic. In 20-30 years the owner of this car wouldn’t find himself trying to get rid of it for cheap. He’ll continue to take care of the car till it becomes vintage, and then he’ll drive it once every month so that everyone around him on the streets would just stop to take a picture.





But I’m going too far here. What we wanted to share with you is our experience with the 2016 Mulsanne we got to drive in this past month, and how it felt to be a proper boss on the streets. At this point we don’t even see the point of talking numbers and characteristics of the car because they are completely irrelevant (yet still pretty damn good) to its purpose.

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