Month: January 2013

The contrasts are amazing!

Stockholm Encounter

We got a message telling us a friend had just purchased a pre-loved yellow gold Rolex GMT IIc reference 116718. He dropped all the brushes (except for one which he put in his pocket) and quickly drove to meet up allowing us to snap a few photographs. We think they turned out great! The watch […]

Watch Spotting - De Bethune DB28 x Mercedes 300SLR in Geneva

Watch Spotting – Geneva with De Bethune and Mercedes

From Geneva with love…   Watch is a De Bethune DB28TIS5B Car is a Mercedes 300SLR custom Yes, that’s the sound of collective jaws hitting the floor..!                       More info available at Debethune’s website: Click Here   Photography by Adam Priscak and Anish Bhatt for […]

The alternative gentleman...

Live: Rolex SkyDweller Bamford Edition

If you’re the kind of person that hangs in the higher circles of society, it might be the case that you are surrounded by the great watches of your friends all the time. So what to do when you really want to stand out? Well if you’re a Rolex fan then first thing might have […]


Where’s Wristi?! – In the kitchen…

Okay Gentlemen, it’s Flu Season and that special someone you have had your eye on for a while tells you she is sick in bed…What do you do??? Easy! Make her a warm Italian soup, and nurture her back into good health. A woman loves few things more than a guy willing to slave away in […]

Meisturwerk Machinen Vol 2

Millimeters – Vol.2

 Now that we’ve dispensed with the pleasantries by way of  [Volume-1], I would like to continue sharing my collection & lifestyle with you. < p style=”text-align: center”>Volume-2 is an introduction into the Motorsports Division of Meisturwerk Machinen. soft viagra  This section of the label will be reserved solely for products targeted at those who share […]

Panerai pam005 Columbian Mudslide cocktail_2

Carter’s Cocktails – Colombian Mudslide

Happy Friday!!! Here is a Colombian Mudslide…a tasty treat when you need a little pick up after a long work week.     Start by pouring freshly brewed Colombian Coffee into ice cube trays. Freeze for several hours or until solid. The options with these cubes are endless! I prefer a three equal part Vanilla […]

Carbon, rubber, titanium, sapphire, composit… fun

High-tech meets Haute Horlogerie – Hublot King Power Carbon Unico

Łukasz Doskocz is very good friend of mine from Warsaw, Poland. Editor and founder of [], he is extremely knowledgeable and somewhat of an authority in the Polish watch world. Please find below his first piece for this site, written in his own words of course…what a great watch to kick off with!   The marriage that is […]

Rolex Submariner 16613LB

Where’s Wristi!? – In the fast lane…

Football legend George Best got it right when he  said, “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just wasted.”   Motor wear: Rolex Submariner 16613LB  

Panerai PAM048

Watch Spotting – London

The start of a new year brings all the joy of fresh resolutions broken and the inevitable comedown after getting used to days spent eating turkey and drinking wine… To help bring up your spirits, here is what we spotted in London!                      

Panerai PAM288 Pear Martin

Carter’s Cocktails – PAM’s and Pears

They say nothing f*cks up your Friday like realizing it’s only Tuesday >_< To help you get through the working week, here’s a great cocktail to get you in the mood when paperwork and overtime has you all bugged out!   Every gentlemen should have at least one premium cocktail recipe up his sleeve. PAM […]