Month: October 2012

WatchAnish x Watch Hunting - London

Watch Spotting – London

So while we were waiting for a meeting with a watch brand in London (it’s not often we are early!) we decided to partake in a touch of acceptable voyeurism on London’s New Bond Street…here’s what we saw.                         Anish Wears: Watch – Panerai 359 […]

WatchAnish x Vintage Audemars Piguet Calendar

Live – Rare calendar Audemars Piguet

Wow! What a watch!     Audemars Piguet started to manufacture full calendar timepieces in the early 1920’s. This particular example was made in early 1943 and given as a gift, going by the inscription on the back reading, ‘Ted Atkinson for unselfish service Jockeys’ Guild Sept 26th 1959’.       The dial is […]

Watch Anish meets Jorn Werdelin

An afternoon with Jorn

The good thing about London (well there has to be something to make up for rain in the summer and 20% VAT) is that it’s a buzzing city and quite often when you ask someone to visit they more than likely say yes. We didn’t actually invite Jorn, he just showed up. But then I […]

Fists full of dollars

Uncovered – The most Important timepiece ever made by Audemars Piguet

There are a whole list of superlatives I was going to type out to start this article, but to save you having to read through them all (and the obvious clichés) I’ve deleted them and will instead illustrate my thoughts initially through the use of a picture or two…       What you see above […]

The Hublot pencils are made by the same company that made the Rolex pen in my previous article (Caran d'Ache).

Time to write about – writing instruments…

Pens are probably the most common objects when it comes to promotion. I have so many, I could probably change pens every day for one year without writing with the same one twice (when I think about it, I could probably do that for several years…). Most of them are from different banks, law firms, […]

WatchAnish x Richard Mille RM022 Aerodyne Marcus Edition

All of the lights – Richard Mille piece unique RM022 Aerodyne Tourbillon

So, what do you do if you want to really stand out from your billionaire friends? I mean, what happens when you go off for that party on your friends super-yacht which has moored in St Tropez for a week? Once you’re on board everyone is going to be rocking a 6 figure timepiece! How […]


Some leather from Rolex

For part two of the watch accessories series, I have chosen to write a few words on a Rolex notebook I recieved quite some time ago. I have come across a few of those over the years, but I still believe it to be quite rare. The light mint greenish box (not pictured) tells you […]

Yes, that's me and my bag on a rare trip outside!

Rolex – Bags of time

As this is my first article here, I will begin with a short introduction to myself… My name is Carl, and I’m a watch-oholic. Well, to make things even worse, I love most luxurious things, be it watches, cars, pens or menswear. I’m also (I think) the only non-native English speaking contributor to the site, […]

Watch Anish x Urwerk UR-202 Rose Gold unique for Marcus Watches

Piece unique – Urwerk 202

Another short pictorial of another one-off piece…     This is unique full rose gold Urwerk UR-202, and it looks incredible!     Hope you like the pics as much as we enjoyed wearing the watch ahahahaha *evil laugh*!!