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If Scotches Wore Watches…

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At Watch Anish we believe that you deserve the finest things in life, which controversially includes things that aren’t always watches! In this case we’re going to explore the world of whisky and the brands that inhabit it. Deciphering which amber liquid is the right one for you can be difficult. All the names are either unpronounceable clusters of vowels, or there’s 50 different Glen somethings, or Mac whatevers. So we’re going to relate it to a subject matter you are familiar with, we’re pairing up distilleries with watch brands:

Quartz = Johnny Walker

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Blended whiskies account for 92% of the Scotch whisky industry, and include some of the biggest brands in the world. The term blend means the whisky is a product of a number of different distilleries married together to produce something smooth and easy drinking. This blending process is what made scotch accessible to huge swathes of people. It can produce undeniably luxury beverages but ones with less complexity, or in watch parlance, complications. This is what makes blended whisky the quartz movement of the Scotch world. Like a quartz watch it does its job more efficiently than its more celebrated relation, and in far greater numbers, but with a little less personality.

Rolex = Glenlivet


If you’re not familiar with the second name here then we’d be quite surprised. If you’re not familiar with the first name then we suspect that you’ve arrived at our website by mashing the keys on a laptop that accidently tumbled down into the deep cave you’ve lived in all your life! Glenlivet is neck and neck with Glenfiddich (so many Glens) for the best-selling single malt in the world, and in that category is the most recognizable. Single malt means it’s the product of one distillery. It is the whisky that we can confidently ask for at any decent bar in the world, the whisky we can gift to anyone. Much like its Swiss counterpart, it’s a brand that has a rich history of quality that lends assurance to those who want it.

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Patek Philippe = Macallan



You’re doing well for yourself, and decide that you no longer need the covetous glances of other commuters on the train falling on your Steel Daytona, because A) You no longer care for their approval B) you’re no longer commuting on the train anyway. This is for when you want to show a little more discernment, a little more knowledge, and let us be candid, spend a little more too. Macallan is renowned for its deep sherried characteristics, which impart flavours of stewed fruits and Christmas like spices. This is for drinking during layovers in the private lounges of some of the nicer airlines in airports in far-flung locations.

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Zenith = Mortlach


For the true aficionado, to whom branding is something of a distraction. What these two producers have in common is that despite their long histories they’ve not always been brands in their own right. I’m sure most of you are aware that Zenith spent many years as an unsung hero, producing movements for Rolex. Something similar is true of Mortlach. Owned by monolithic parent company Diageo, Mortlach spent many long years producing whisky to be blended into Johnny Walker, before quite recently emerging to take its rightful place as a brand to be reckoned with. Known as “The Beast of Dufftown” it’s a big uncompromising dram with depth and body. The kind of thing you ask for in the bar of a boutique hotel in a part of Florence that only the truly initiated know about.

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The best watches come from Switzerland and the best whisky comes from Scotland, except of course when they don’t…


Panerai = Chichibu


Panerai is of course Italian, and ChiChibu is Japanese. Japanese whisky has taken nearly a century to become an “overnight success” but one of its newest players has burst onto the scene in much the same way that Panerai did, with waiting lists crammed full of early adapters clamouring to be the first amongst their group to have it. This is the whisky for the trend-setter who has the lowest serial number on their Luminor.

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